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Mad Men Returns!

By March 25, 2012

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Mad MenIt's been 17 months since Don, Peggy, Joan and the rest of the Mad Men gang kept us captivated in our living rooms on Sunday nights, but now they're back and better than ever.

Where We Left Off

  • Betty and the kids finally moved out of Don's house and she got remarried to Henry.
  • Just as we thought Don was enjoying his new found bachelorhood after divorcing Betty, his relationship with his secretary took him (and us all) by surprise and he proposed.
  • Joan found out she was pregnant with Roger's baby. She had every intention of getting an abortion, but opted to keep the baby and pass it off as her husband's. She decides to help her husband become a famous surgeon... too bad he's a terrible doctor! She also got a promotion at work, but not a bump in pay.
  • Sally Draper acted out (a lot) and wound up in therapy.
  • Thanks to Peggy's incredible skills, the agency managed to land the Topaz pantyhose account (thus saving the agency after they lost the Lucky Strike account) -- sadly Peggy is still overworked and undervalued.

What to Expect as the New Season Begins

  • The show has jumped ahead to 1967.
  • Joan will have her baby - will Greg be suspicious when he/she looks nothing like him?
  • Peter and Roger will have a major confrontation.
  • Peggy will continue to move up the ladder as Roger gives her more responsibilities.
  • Don and Harry will result to unconventional methods to woo a new client to come aboard to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
  • I've been hearing rumors that Don and Betty may find their way back to each other this season.

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