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'666 Park Avenue' Synopsis and Other Essential Information


ABC - '666 Park Avenue'
Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


Based on the book series by Gabriella Pierce, this supernatural drama centers around a young mid-western couple (Annable and Taylor) who have been hired to manage The Drake, a luxurious apartment building on the Upper East Side in New York City where the residents have been possessed by demonic forces and have unknowingly sold their souls to the devil. Their every wish, desire and ambition is fulfilled, but the price tag is more costly than any of them could possibly imagine.


The series failed to attract viewers from the very beginning and sunk lower and lower each week. ABC canceled the series on November 16, 2012.

'666 Park Avenue' Cast:

  • Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran
  • Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran
  • Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen
  • Dave Annable as Henry Martin
  • Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard
  • Mercedes Masšhn as Louise Leonard
  • Helena Mattsson as Alexis Blume
  • Samantha Logan as Nona Clark
  • Erik Palladino as Tony Demeo

The Books:

The show is based off the book series by Gabriella Pierce. There are two books in the series so far: 666 Park Avenue: A Novel and The Dark Glamour: 666 Park Avenue. The storylines are quite different, but the underlying theme is the same in which the residents of the mysterious address have sold their souls to the devil.


  • The series is filmed in New York City.
  • The building used for exterior shots is actually at 2109 Broadway (between W 73rd and W 74th. Babe Ruth used to live in this building.

Before They Moved to The Drake:

Interestingly enough, half of the cast have come from previous ABC drama series...
  • Terry O'Quinn is widely known for playing the mysterious John Locke in ABC's epic drama series Lost. Before he landed his role in 666 Park Avenue, Terry had a recurring role in the CBS crime drama Hawaii Five-O, where he was reunited with his fellow Lost co-star Daniel Dae Kim.
  • Vanessa Williams most recent role was in the long-running ABC drama Desperate Housewives, where she played Renee Perry for two seasons. Before moving to Wisteria Lane, Vanessa starred as Wilhelmina Slater in ABC's underrated dramedy Ugly Betty. Before launching her successful music and acting career, Vanessa was the first black woman to become Miss America. Her crown was taken away when it was learned that she had once posed for Playboy.
  • Dave Annable starred as Justin Walker in ABC's drama Brothers & Sisters.
  • Rachael Taylor's most recent role was in the short-lived ABC crime drama (and reboot) Charlie's Angels, where she played Abby Sampson. Before landing her role in Charlie's Angels, Rachael had a recurring role in Grey's Anatomy, where she played Dr. Lucy Fields, an OB/GYN who got involved with Alex Karev. Her character was an instant hit with viewers and I think many had hoped that she would return to the medical drama.
  • Robert Buckley recently just wrapped up his run as Clayton Evans in the CW's long-running drama One Tree Hill. He also starred as hunky photographer Kirby Atwood in NBC's Lipstick Jungle. He got his start playing Michael Bauer in the telenovela Fashion House on My Network TV.
  • Helena Mattsson has had several guest starring roles, including Desperate Housewives, but her role in 666 Park Avenue marks her first bonafide starring role.
  • Erik Palladino has had many guest starring roles over the last few years, but he is widely known for his role as Dr. Dave Malucci in NBC's long-running medical drama ER from 1999-2001 (47 episodes in all).
  • Mercedes Masöhn was most recently a member of the cast of Fox's short-lived drama The Finder.
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