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Acting Resources - How to Break into Acting

So, you want to be an actor? Breaking into the entertainment industry is not as easy as you might think. If you can get your foot in the door, you could very well be on your way to stardom. Find out where to begin your quest and how to find auditions.
  1. Reality TV Casting Calls

So, You Want to Be an Actor? How to Begin a Career in Acting and Find Auditions
So, you want to be a actor? Getting your big break isn't as easy as you might think. Learn how to take the first steps and where to find auditions.

Breaking into Theater
From learning how to prepare a resume to audition tips and tricks, About.com's Guide to Theater has a wealth of resources to help get you on the road to Hollywood.

Actor Point
This site offers loads of practical advice on becoming an actor. There is a list of auditions, but you must become a paid member to view the listings. Viewing the articles are free of charge.

Central Casting
"There are no small actors, only small roles." Get your foot in the door by scoring a gig as a background actor in a blockbuster film or on some of television's hottest shows.

Film and TV Careers
From acting to screenwriting, learn all about finding a job in the entertainment industry. About.com's Guide to Film and TV Careers offers resources for all aspects of this wonderful industry.

About.com Job Search: Casting Calls and Auditions
About.com's Job Search site provides information on finding auditions on the Internet.

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