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'Army Wives' Synopsis and Other Essential Information


Cast of Army Wives
Photo Credit: ABC Studios/Lifetime Networks


With our nation at war, we often don't give much thought to how the families of our troops manage their day to day lives without their loved ones at home every night. Army Wives gives viewers a unique and realistic look into life on an army military base and the close relationships the spouses of our soldiers form with one another.

Series Premiere:

June 3, 2007

When is it on?:

During its season run, the series airs Sundays at 10pm ET on Lifetime.

'Army Wives' Cast:

  • Kim Delaney as Claudia Joy Holden
  • Catherine Bell as Denise Sherwood
  • Brigid Brannagh as Pamela Moran
  • Sally Pressman as Roxy LeBlanc
  • Wendy Davis as Joan Burton
  • Sterling K. Brown as Roland Burton
  • Drew Fuller as Trevor LeBlanc
  • Brian McNamara as Michael Holden
  • Terry Serpico as Frank Sherwood
  • Jeremy Davidson as Chase Moran


  • The series is filmed at the Charleston Air Force Base in North Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Before marrying Michael, Claudia Joy was a law student at Harvard. She decided to pursue her degree and was accepted into Carolina Law School in season 4.
  • Pamela was a cop before she married Chase.
  • Catherine Bell's pregnancy was written into the show.
  • Roxy was a teenage mother.

Get to Know the Wives:

Cast Interviews:

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