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George Eads Biography (Nick Stokes, CSI)


George Eads Biography (Nick Stokes, CSI)
©2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc.


March 1, 1967

Place of Birth:

Fort Worth, Texas

Past Television Roles:

"Evel Knievel"
"Monte Walsh"
"Second String"
"Just a Walk in the Park"
"Crowned and Dangerous"

Trivia Fact #1:

Before he became an actor he was a copy machine salesman.

Trivia Fact #2:

He and fellow "CSI" actress Jorja Fox were fired from the show in July, 2004 for failing to show up for work.

Trivia Fact #3:

George is part owner of the Hollywood eatery, CineSpace.

Quoted as Saying:

"I think people would be suprised at how much we curse when we screw up. I'm like somebody with Tourette's Syndrome."
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