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'Deception' Synopsis and Other Essential Information


'Deception' Synopsis and Other Essential Information
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This primetime soap/crime drama centers around the mysterious death of Vivian Bowers, heir to a pharmaceutical empire, who appears to have from an overdose. With the details of the overdose not quite adding up, FBI agent Will Moreno concocts a plan to get get into the heart of the Bowers world and find out what really happened. Detective Joanna Locasto, who grew up in the Bowers household as the maids daughter (and Vivian's best friend), is asked by Moreno to go deep undercover and delve back into that opulent lifestyle in hopes to expose the truth about why Vivian was in danger and how she really died. Once she discovers the truth, will the Bowers let her live or will she become their next victim? Or even worse -- will she give into temptation and become a part of their scheme?

Series Premiere:

January 7, 2013

When is it on?:

Mondays at 10pm ET on NBC (check local listings). Missed an episode? No worries -- viewers can always watch the latest episodes on video on demand or at NBC's official Deception website.

'Deception' Cast:

  • Victor Garber as Robert Bowers
  • Meagan Good as Detective Joanna Locasto
  • Katherine LaNasa as Sofia Bowers
  • Tate Donovan as Edward Bowers
  • Laz Alonso as Will Moreno
  • Ella Rae Peck as Mia Bowers
  • Wes Brown as Julian Bowers


  • When the series was first announced at NBC's Upfront presentation in May, 2012, it was titled Infamous. The drama also went by the title Notorious at one point.
  • Former Law & Order star S. Epatha Merkerson plays the recurring role of Beverly Padget, Detective Joanna Locasto's mother (who was the housekeeper for the Bowers family).
  • The series is filmed entirely in New York.
  • Emmy-winning actor John Larroquette plays the recurring role of Dwight Haverstock, a US Senator with a shady past.

About Victor Garber (Robert Bowers):

Although Garber has been in the entertainment business for years, one of the roles that makes him instantly recognizable is playing Thomas Andrews, the designer of the ill-fated ship in James Cameron's Titanic. Prior to breaking into film and television though, Garber spent years appearing on Broadway and was nominated for four Tony Awards (Damn Yankees, Deathtrap, Lend Me a Tenor and Little Me). After that role, Garber went on to star in ABC's popular spy drama Alias as double agent (and Jennifer Garner's father) Jack Bristow. After Alias, Garber went on to star in the dramas Justice, Eli Stone and Charlie's Angels (he was the voice of Charlie). Some of his movie credits include Argo, Milk, Legally Blonde and The First Wives Club.

Meagan Good (Detective Joanna Locasto):

Good has appeared in quite a number of movies including Jumping the Broom, Stomp the Yard, Eve's Bayou and Deliver Us from Eva, and recurring rolls in TV comedies such as My Wife and Kids, Raising Dad, My Cousin Skeeter, Kevin Hill and Californication. Her role in Deception will be her first starring role in a drama season.

Tate Donovan (Edward Bowers):

Donovan has been an active member of the acting community for years, having appeared in a couple dozen film and television roles. Donovan went to college with film star George Clooney and even appeared in the film Good Night, and Good Luck. Some of his other movie credits include Love Potion No. 9, Memphis Belle, Murder at 1600, Swordfish and Nancy Drew. He has starred in television dramas The O.C. and Damages. At one point Donovan was engaged to Jennifer Aniston and had a recurring role as Joshua in the iconic NBC comedy Friends.
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