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'Dexter' Season 1 Episode Guide


Dexter season 1 began October 1st, 2006 and brought the mind of a serial killer into our homes. Revisit Dexter season 1, or see what all the fuss is about to determine whether or not you should watch this show (you should).

1. 1x01 "Dexter" (OAD 10/1/06)

Dexter Morgan was a foster kid. His foster dad, Harry, knew he was different when he found a grave with a bunch of animal bones. As Dexter got older, his father, a cop, taught him how to find criminals and how to cover his tracks so that he could use his urges for good. Now, Dexter is a Miami Police Department blood spatter analyst.

His foster sister, Debra, works vice, but she wants to be in homicide.

Dexter thinks it's odd that in working in an office of cops, there is only one guy who thinks Dexter is creepy. Dexter kills bad people and puts a drop of blood on a slide. He has a blood slide collection.

2. 1x02 "Crocodile" (OAD 10/8/06)

Dexter continues to put the pieces together that a killer has left him. The killer goes after hookers and leaves their chopped, blood free bodies behind. Dexter is impressed with the killer's skills and welcomes the chance to play the game.

Debra gets transferred to homicide, much to the dismay of Lieutenant Maria Laguerta, Dexter's admirer.

Dexter's girlfriend, Rita, makes sexual advances towards Dexter, but then freaks out and asks him to stop. He has no problem with that.

Dexter kills a drunk driver who was acquitted, and Sergeant Doakes investigates the murder of a fellow cop and his wife, whom Doakes had been sleeping with.

3. 1x03 "Popping Cherry" (OAD 10/15/06)

When Dexter was younger, his father was dying in the hospital and told him that the nurse was killing people and that it's time Dexter put his lessons to use. Dexter covered the woman's living room in plastic wrap and killed her. After that Harry got better and lived another year.

Lt. Laguerta is sure that the Ice Truck Killer, who's has now killed 5 people, is the night watchman of a skating rink, but Debra and Dexter don't agree.

Dexter goes after a kid, ready to kill him when he finds out that the kid was raped and killed his rapist. He tells the kid that the rapist deserved it, but others don't. Dexter lets him live.

4. 1x04 "Let's Give the Boy a Hand" (OAD 10/22/06)

The cops believe the bloody hand left on the beach is the work of the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter remembers being at that beach as a child. A bloody foot is found in a soccer shoe near where Dexter used to play soccer. He looks through his photo album, knowing that the killer is sending him a message, and finds a happy face on the back of one. He goes to the abandoned hospital where the photo was taken and finds the night watchman whom Lt. Laguerta had accused as the Ice Truck Killer, missing a hand and foot and tied up.

Debra is saddled with surveillance duty until she gets a tip (from Dexter) of where the night watchman is.

5. 1x05 "Love American Style" (OAD 10/29/06)

As a teenager, Dexter goes on a date per Harry's wishes and pretends to have fun.

Dexter worries that Rita wants to take their relationship to the next level. Dexter is comfortable in their non-physical relationship and doesn't want things to change. He asks people how they make their relationships work. One answer he gets is that they want the same things. Dexter tells Rita that he wants to be content and she says she wants the same.

Debra continues to look for the Ice Truck Killer and finds a lead at the crime scene. Doakes begins to take her seriously.

Dexter kills a couple for trafficking Cubans and drowning them if they don't get more money.

6. 1x06 "Return to Sender" (OAD 11/5/06)

Debra was not allowed to go on the hunting trips with Dexter and their father. Sometimes she wished her father had never brought him home.

The Ice Truck Killer dove down and retrieved one of the bodies Dexter had dumped in the lake. Dexter worries because a kid had witnessed one of Dexter's murders. Dexter gathers his killing tools and dumps them in the lake. He pauses at his blood stain collection, looking at his first few and his last. The last has a smiley face in it and Dexter realizes that the Ice Truck Killer isn't trying to out him, he just wants to see what Dexter will do when painted into a corner. Debra profiles the killer and is spot on, but Dexter tells her she is wrong, and then plants evidence.

7. 1x07 "Circle of Friends" (OAD 11/12/06)

Debra catches the Ice Truck Killer, and Dexter is disappointed because he is nothing like Dexter thought. Debra begins dating a doctor.

Dexter recognizes the cuts on a dead body and realizes that Jeremy, the kid he was going to kill but didn't when he found out the kid was raped, has killed again. Dexter has been emotionally alone since Harry died and he sees himself in this kid and can teach him the things that he'd learned from Harry. But Jeremy kills himself before Dexter can get to him.

Rita's ex-husband is released from jail a year early.

The Ice Truck Killer confesses. When Dexter goes to talk to him, however, the killer doesn't know who he is. Dexter smiles. The game is still on, this is not the man playing games with Dexter.

8. 1x08 "Shrink Wrap" (OAD 11/19/06)

Dexter gives in and sleeps with Rita, even though he's sure that will end their relationship, but it doesn't.

Laguerta interviews the Ice Truck Killer. She sees that he wants fame and suspects he is not the real killer. He has information about her promotion. When she and Doakes were partners, he was hot on a case and she went along for the ride. He sent her to cover a staircase while he went around front. She got lucky and caught the guy, leading to a promotion. Laguerta figures out that the killer hacked into their computers, and wasn't really the Ice Truck Killer.

Turns out, Debra's boyfriend, prosthetic specialist, Rudy, is the real Ice Truck Killer, and the one playing games with Dexter.

9. 1x09 "Father Knows Best" (OAD 11/26/06)

Dexter gets news that his biological father has died and left him a house. Dexter and Debra think it must be a mistake because Harry told them that Dexter's parents were dead. When Dexter sees the body with the spiderweb tattoo, he remembers it from when he was three. He does a DNA test to confirm that this man was his father, much to Debra's dismay.

Rudy, Debra, and Rita help pack up the house. Dexter suspects that his father was killed and asks the neighbor if anyone came around last week. She says just the cable man. Dexter doesn't know that she recognizes Rudy as the cable man.

After the kids are in bed, Paul pushes his way into the house and tries to rape Rita, but she hits him and then gets the kids and leaves.

10. 1x10 "Seeing Red" (OAD 12/03/06)

The Ice Truck Killer uses blood from the five victims to douse a hotel room. Dexter gets flashbacks of a boy in blood and passes out.

Batista sees a woman with a fake hand with the nails painted all different colors. He suspects the Ice Truck Killer has a fetish with prosthetic limbs. He talks to Rudy, who is ready to kill him until he figures out Batista doesn't have any leads.

Dexter hits Paul with a frying pan and then takes him to a hotel and makes it look like he did heroin, which puts Paul back in jail.

Dexter can't figure out the blood patterns and Rudy suggests an electric chain saw. Dexter goes back to face his memories and remembers his mother telling him that she loves him. There is blood everywhere and an electric chain saw.

11. 1x11 "Truth Be Told" (OAD 12/10/06)

Rudy kills the prosthetic arm hooker and leaves her in pieces (minus the hand).

Rita takes the kids to see Paul in jail.

Dexter pieces together the memory of his three-year-old self sitting in a pool of blood. The file from the case has been destroyed.

Captain Matthews makes Lt. Laguerta the scapegoat for the mishandling of the Ice Truck Killer case and has her replaced.

Dexter suspects Rudy as the Ice Truck Killer when Batista says he hopes he gave his assailant a fat lip. He goes through Rudy's trash and gets a DNA sample that matches Batista's wound. Debra is supposed to be working, but she goes to see Rudy for dinner. Rudy proposes and then tells Debra that a real cop would have figured out who he was. He strangles her.

12. 1x12 "Born Free" (OAD 12/17/06)

Debra is alive and Dexter looks for clues to find her, forcing him to confront his past. He finds the storage container where his mother was killed. Doakes finds him there and they fight.

Paul calls Rita to tell her that Dexter set him up. He says his shoe fell off when Dexter dragged him. Rita doesn't look for the shoe, but finds it when she's taking out the trash.

Dexter follows the clues to the house where he'd lived with his mother. Dexter remembers playing hide and seek with his mother, whose fingernails were painted different colors. Rudy is really his big brother, Brian. Rudy expects Dexter to kill Deb, but he struggles with Rudy and makes it look like Rudy killed himself.

Sergeant Doakes continues to watch Dexter.

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