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'GCB' Synopsis and Other Essential Information


ABC - 'Good Christian Belles'
Photo: Bob D'Amico © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


Amanda Vaughn was once the high school "mean girl," but when she is forced to move back to the town she terrorized as a teenager after a scandal rocks her marriage. Although Amanda is nothing like the girl she was in high school, old habits die hard and memories never fade away. Will her old friends appear to welcome her back with open arms, or are they secretly plotting revenge?

Series Premiere:

March 4, 2012


After causing quite a stir among parental and religious groups, GCB still couldn't manage to draw in viewers and ABC canceled it in May, 2012. All 10 episodes produced aired in primetime.

'GCB' Cast:

  • Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Carlene Cockburn
  • Annie Potts as Gigi Stopper
  • Jennifer Aspen as Sharon Peacham
  • Miriam Shor as Cricket Caruth-Reilly
  • Marisol Nichols as Heather Cruz
  • Brad Beyer as Zack Peacham
  • Mark Deklin as Blake Reilly
  • David James Elliott as Ripp Cockburn

Before They Were 'GCB'...:

  • Leslie Bibb starred in the once-popular WB series Popular. She also had recurring roles in Crossing Jordan and ER. She also played Christine Everhart in the blockbuster Iron Man movies.
  • David James Elliott is widely known for playing Commander Harmon 'Harm' Rabb, Jr. in the long-running CBS drama JAG. He then went on to star in the crime drama Close to Home.
  • Brad Beyer starred in the once-popular CBS series Jericho. When the series had been canceled after the first season, fans embarked on one of the most amazing campaigns in history -- they delivered two tons of peanuts to the executive offices at CBS. It worked and the network renewed the series for a second season consisting of eight episodes.
  • Mark Deklin starred in Lonestar, a series that lasted two episodes before Fox yanked it from the primetime schedule.
  • Jennifer Aspen appeared in the Fox drama Party of Five as Daphne Jablonsky, the mother of Matthew Fox's baby.
  • Kristin Chenoweth starred in the colorful ABC dramedy Pushing Daisies as Olive Snook - a role that won her an Emmy. She also occasionally guest stars in Fox's musical drama Glee as April Rhodes. This talented actress appeared as Annabeth Schott in the intense NBC drama The West Wing for 34 episodes. Chenoweth also happens to be an accomplished Broadway star
  • Marisol Nichols was a series regular in season six on Fox's 24.
  • Annie Potts has starred in many great films such as Pretty in Pink, Toy Story and Ghostbusters and is widely known for playing Mary Jo Shively in the long-running comedy Designing Women. She has also had several other successful television roles over the years that include Lifetime's Any Day Now, Love and War and Joan of Arcadia.
  • Miriam Shor starred in the short-lived CBS drama Swingtown and played a recurring character on Damages.


  • The series is based on Kim Gatlin's hit book, Good Christian Bitches.
  • When the series was presented at the Upfront in May, 2011, it was titled Good Christian Belles. ABC had originally named the show after the book, but they had a comedy coming out the same year that was going to be called Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, and they felt having two series using the same swear word might be overkill. In the end, neither series went with the word.
  • The pilot was filmed in Dallas, TX, but the series regularly shoots in California.
  • Darren Star is one of the executive producers of the series. Star is also behind some of television's biggest and brightest series which include: Sex & the City, Beverly Hills 90210 and the original Melrose Place.

Cast Interviews:

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