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'The Good Wife' Character Profiles


Unless you have watched The Good Wife from the very beginning, it's not easy to keep track of each of the characters and how they relate to one another. Get better acquainted with this incredibly talented cast with our handy character profile guide.

Alicia Florrick (Played by Julianna Margulies)

Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick
Photo: Justin Stephens/CBS ¨© CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.
After being publicly humiliated by her husband's affair with a prostitute, Alicia is forced to go back to work to support her family and lands a job as a first year associate at Lockhart/Gardner. In season one, Alicia eventually forgave her husband and helped fight to get him released from prison and then stood by his side while he ran for State Attorney in season two. Their relationship ended when she learned that he had an affair with her friend and associate Kalinda. In season three, Alicia and Will Gardner began a long-awaited affair, which abruptly ended when it began to cause problems for everyone around them.

Will Gardner (Played by Josh Charles)

Josh Charles as Will Gardner
Photo: Justin Stephens/CBS ¨© CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.
Alicia's boss and partner at the law firm... and former lover. When Will have Alicia a job, it was clear he had been holding a candle for her since their days at Georgetown Law School and their chemistry was undeniable. In season three, it became clear that Will had a checkered past and thanks to his affair with Alicia, Peter Florrick made a move to put him away, but his office failed to indict him. Will is clearly still in love with Alicia and is biding his time until they can be together again without any roadblocks.

Diane Lockhart (Played by Christine Baranski)

Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart
Photo: Justin Stephens/CBS ¨© CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.
Will Gardner's partner at their law firm. A diehard democratic, Diane has made her political viewers very clear over the years, but we still don't know much about this complex woman. In season three, she decided to take Alicia under her wing and the two are slowly becoming friends.

Kalinda Sharma (Played by Archie Panjabi)

Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma
Photo: Justin Stephens/CBS ¨© CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.
Lockart/Gardner's in-house private investigator and Alicia's best friend... that is until she learned in the season two finale that Kalinda had an affair with Peter several years ago (during the whole prostitution phase). When it comes to her job, there isn't anything this lovely lady can't unearth for the sake of a case. Kalinda's sexuality has come into question several times, but it's pretty clear that she prefers women over men. She and Cary Agos seem to share quite a bit of chemistry, so it's a possibility one day the two will act on it. Kalinda has a very suspicious past and I suspect that one day her world will come crashing down around her when it all comes to light.

Cary Agos (Played by Matt Czuchry)

Matt Czuchry stars as Cary Agos
Photo: Justin Stephens/CBS ¨© CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.
In season one, Cary worked at Lockhart/Gardner as a junior associate with Alicia. Towards the end of the season, it's learned that only one of them would stay with the firm and Cary played dirty to get the job. Although he lost, Cary was immediately offered a job at the state attorney's office because of his intimate knowledge of his former law firm. When Peter won the election, Cary was appointed Cook County Deputy State's Attorney in season three.

Peter Florrick (Played by Chris Noth)

Chris Noth as Peter Florrick
Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/CBS ©CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Alicia's husband and current (as well as past) State Attorney. In season one, we learned that Peter had an affair with several prostitutes and was charged with political corruption. After being cleared of the charges, Peter ran once again for state attorney and won... but lost his wife the same night when she learned he had an affair with Kalinda. Peter and Alicia co-parent their teenage children and get along well. After suspecting Alicia was having an affair with Will, Peter launched an investigation into Will's past, but his office was unsuccessful in getting an indictment. The case ultimately put a major strain on Peter and Alicia's relationship. Peter hopes to run for senate, but it won't be easy without his wife by his side.

Eli Gold (Played by Alan Cumming)

Alan Cumming as Eli Gold
Photo: Justin Stephens/CBS ¨© CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.
Peter's brash and often entertaining former campaign manager. After helping Peter win the election, he began working at Lockhart/Gardner as a crisis management consultant. He hopes one day to run Peter's campaign for the senate.

Zach and Grace Florrick (Played by Graham Phillips and Makenzie Vega)

Makenzie Vega and Graham Phillips
Photo: Heather Wines ©CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved
Alicia and Peter's teenage children. Despite the humiliation Peter brought to the family, these teens are surprisingly well-adjusted and share a close relationship. Zach is the resident computer expert and often helps at Alicia's office when there is trouble with the computer system. Grace took a major interest in religion and has been pursuing her faith without the knowledge of her parents.
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