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An Interview with Amber Stevens (Ashleigh, Greek)


An Interview with Amber Stevens (Ashleigh, Greek)
© 2007 ABC Family
July, 2007

Whether they are attending college or working their first jobs, by the age of twenty, most young adults are barely starting their lives. In the case of Amber Stevens, her exciting life began several years ago when she had the unique opportunity to sing back-up for Gladys Knight and even sang on stage at an American Idol special. When Amber decided to pursue an acting career, she quickly nabbed the role of a lifetime on ABC Family's new series Greek.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the very exuberant and incredibly sweet Amber Stevens about life before Greek, her experience on American Idol and what viewers can expect from this brand new ABC Family series.

Q: I understand you were a singer before you got into acting, what made you decide to pursue acting?

"I always wanted to act, I thought it was something I could do, something I was capable of doing. Singing was more of a priority when I was younger. I started playing piano when I was really young. My dad was in radio, so he knew a lot about music and had a lot of friends who were in music, I was just surrounded by it. As I got older, I realized that I had multiple talents, so I decided to just go for it and pursue acting."

Q: You sang in the on-stage chorus for American Idol, tell us about your experience.

"It was a special performance that aired on Fox, it was a Christmas special show. I believe it was the second or third season of American Idol. It had all of the cast from that season - Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and all the kids from that season. We sang Christmas songs and I was invited to sing in the on-stage chorus. It was very cool."

Q: Did you have to endure Simon's wrath?

"No, thank goodness!"

Q: How did the role of Ashleigh on Greek come to you?

"Just like everyone else, it was a regular audition. I had to go though the whole thing just like everyone else where you go through your first audition, then you're invited back and you meet with the producers and then you meet with the director and finally, the network. I guess they liked me!"

Q: In a nutshell, give us a description of Greek.

"Greek is a show based on fraternity and sorority life in college. It takes place at a fictional school called Cyprus-Rhodes and focuses on one sorority called Zeta Beta Zeta and two fraternities, Omega Chi and Kappa Tau. It's all about the parties, all the relationships that you have, and what it's like being a part of the Greek system. It's an ensemble cast of eight of us - five boys and three girls and our relationships with each other. Anyone can relate to the show because it follows all the different aspects and things you can get involved with in college."

Q: Do you think it's an accurate depiction?

"Oh yeah. It's something we've tried really hard to do, we don't want to upset anyone in the Greek system. We want to show how great it is, and that it's not all about parties and that kind of lifestyle. It depicts every aspect of it. It's something we're really proud of."

Q: Tell us about Ashleigh.

"Ashleigh is the party girl, the one who really wants to go out and have fun. She's very social, she arranges all the social events for the sorority, so she's always party planning. She's the best friend of Casey. Casey is always having her own dramas and Ashleigh is always there for her. She's the one people always enjoy being around."

Q: How did you prepare for the role?

"I have a lot of friends who are in sororities. The past two or three years after high school, I spent some time going to their parties and events that they have. I've tried to relate Ashleigh to some of the people I've met over the years. She's not the hardest girl to play, she enjoys life and likes to have a good time and I can relate to that."

Q: Do you have any other projects in the works?

"There's a commercial I did recently for Verizon, which was really fun to do. I am now one of the faces for a company called Soul Mates. It's a women's clothing company and they have really cute stuff. Other than that, Greek takes up all of my time."

Q: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

"Hopefully this show will go on for another five years! I have so much fun doing Greek right now and I'd like to continue doing it for some time. Maybe during hiatus I could get a couple films in and continue being an actress."

Q: What advice do you have for teens and young adults looking to break into show business?

"I'd say work hard and go for it. There's no reason why you shouldn't do what you think you should be doing with your life when you really have a passion for it. Don't take it for granted, it something you have to work hard at no matter what stage you're at in your work. Johnny Depp still has to work so hard, things don't just come to him."
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