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'Human Target' Synopsis and Essential Information


Human Target Cast
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The DC Comics graphic novel comes to life with this exciting series about Christopher Chance, a private contractor/security guard who has dedicated his life to saving the lives of his clients. Chance is not your average security guard - he will place himself directly in the line of fire by completely integrating himself into his clients' lives. In addition to providing his unique brand of protection, Chance also uncovers the story behind each mission. What could possibly motivate someone to become a human target? The mystery behind that loaded question will slowly unravel as the series unfolds each week.

Series Premiere:

January 17, 2010


After two seasons and 25 episodes, Fox needed to make some tough decisions and make room for the new dramas arriving in the fall of 2011 and had to cancel this fun drama.

'Human Target' Cast:

  • Mark Valley as Christopher Chance
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero
  • Chi McBride as Winston


  • The series is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • This is the second time Human Target was made into a television series. The first attempt was in 1992, and singer/actor Rick Springfield starred as Christopher Chance.


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