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'Jericho' Synopsis and General Information


'Jericho' Synopsis and General Information
Photo credit: Mitchell Haddad © CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.


September 20, 2006

When Was it Canceled?:

CBS canceled the series for the second time in March, 2008. The entire series consisted of 29 episodes.


Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green
Alicia Coppola as Mimi Clark
Ashley Scott as Emily Sullivan
Brad Beyer as Stanley Richmond
Kenneth Mitchell as Eric Green
Lennie James as Robert Hawkins
Sprague Grayden as Heather Lisinksi


In May 2007, CBS officially canceled Jericho. However, the fans started an unprecedented campaign and send more than 20 tons of nuts to the NY and LA CBS offices. It worked and CBS renewed the series for seven season two episodes.

Trivia Fact #2:

Part of the series was filmed on the same set Beverly Hills 90210 used back in the '90s.

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What if you lived in a small town and suddenly the entire town is cut off from the rest of the world? When a nuclear cloud is spotted, the town of Jericho, Kansas is led to believe the worst as happened and that they may the only people alive. Complete chaos ensues and puts the entire town in danger, not from the threat of the possible nuclear explosion, but from each other.
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