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An Interview with Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton, 'Lost')


An Interview with Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton, 'Lost')
© 2007 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc./Craig Sjodin
It's rare for an actor to have one successful series, but to have two consecutive series with an overwhelming fan base is a rarity in this business. When Emilie de Ravin was 18-years-old, with only one acting credit under her belt, she nabbed a role as the evil alien Tess on the fan favorite series Roswell. The series didn't perform too well in the ratings, but the fan base behind this show was unlike anything we've ever seen. Two years later, Emilie scored the role of a lifetime playing Claire on the hugely popular ABC series Lost.

Bonnie Covel, our Guide to all things Lost, and I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with the very sweet and down-to-earth Emilie de Ravin about her about her role on Lost, where her career is headed, how she feels about the pairing of Claire and Charlie and much more....

The following questions come from Bonnie and can be accessed via Audio Interview:

How fun is it to work on Lost?
How hard is it to work on Lost?
Do you do any research to try to figure out the mysteries? Do you go to message boards, listen to podcasts or anything like that?
Did you get together with cast members to watch last nights episode?
How long had it been since last nights episode, Par Avion, was shot?
Was anything you had forgotten when you watched the episode last night?
Were you surprised that Claire and Jack wound up being half-brother and sister?
In the last episode, you had to work with a baby and a bird, how was that?
How many Aaron’s have there been?
Last night's episode, you got to do a lot of scenes without the baby, was that fun?
Do you hope Claire and Charlie end up together?
Have you shot anymore Claire episodes?
Is there anything at all that you can tell us about what's coming up?
While there are certainly a lot of completely loyal fans, the nay sayers have been speaking out very loudly, do fans ever share negative thoughts directly with you?
How do you feel about the current feeling of discontent?
Is it true that cast members were initially told to pretend that they knew about future plot developments, but now you can tell the truth about knowing nothing beyond the episodes you've shot?
Do you have a favorite Lost character?

Listen to the Audio Interview

Q: When you received the script for Lost, did you think the show would be as big a success as it has been?

"It's sort of hard to say. You read something and have a good feeling about it, it sounds great, ties nicely together and then shooting something, editing it, the music, the actors involved, everything sort of plays a huge part. Everyone involved had a great feeling towards it, but you never really know."

Q: You have a tremendous fan base from your days on Roswell, how did Roswell change your life?

"I learned so much. It was my second acting job ever. It was a really great learning experience for me, it was a lot of fun, it was a great group of people. It changed my life by feeling what it was like doing my lines, doing my job, I really loved that."

Q: How has Lost changed your life?

"I suppose it opens a lot more doors when you're on something very successful or involved with something very successful. You get a little more creative selection in what else you're doing. Again, I got to get involved with something that is so well-written and there are great actors involved."

Q: Most of the actors from Roswell have gone on to become major television stars, how does something like that happen?

[laughs]"I don't know. We're all really lucky and worked hard at the time. We were all relatively young when we were doing that too, so I suppose it was for me, the start of my career. I was 18 when I started doing that show and there was a lot of time ahead."

Q: Once your Lost days are over, where do you see your career headed?

"I think I'll continue working on projects that are all very different and unique. I like to be challenged by everything I do in a different way. Work on things I'm passionate about, with people I respect."

Q: Do you watch any other shows on television?

"Documentaries or I'll watch Iron Chef. 20/20 or Primetime, those kind of shows where I can learn something from."

Q: Anything you'd like to say to the fans?

"I hope they know how much we appreciate their support and we love doing what we're doing. Hopefully they'll continue to enjoy watching us as much as we enjoy making the show."
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