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"Lost" Ep. 2/15/06 - 'One of Them'


Wednesday, February 15, 2006
'One of Them'

When Rousseau leads Sayid to a mysterious captive in the jungle, he becomes determined to find out if he is one of the "Others." Meanwhile, Sawyer discovers Hurley's potentially devastating breech of the survivors' trust and blackmails him into helping track an elusive island creature that won't leave Sawyer alone.

This episode is Sayid-centric.

Guest starring are Lindsey Ginter as Sgt. Austen, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Michael Emerson as Henry Gale, Marc Casabani as Tariq, Theo Rossi as Sgt. Buccelli, Clancy Brown as Joe Inman, Thomas Meharey as U.S. soldier no. 1 and Kamari Borden as U.S. soldier no. 2.

Episode information provided by ABC. Used with permission.

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