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'Medium' Review, Synopsis and General Information


'Medium' Review, Synopsis and General Information
© 2005 NBC Universal, Inc.

'Medium' At a Glance:

An everyday housewife and mother with the extraordinary gift of being able to see into the past, the present and the future assists the D.A.'s office with solving cases.


January 3, 2005


After being canceled by NBC in May, 2009, CBS took the reins, where the show seemed to flourish in its brand new Friday night time slot for the first season. Sadly, season two on CBS didn't fare quite as well and the network canceled the series. The finale has been a source of contention for many fans - the writers killed off Allison's husband (despite the fact that the real Joe Dubois is alive and well). All in all, the show ran 7 seasons on both networks and produced 130 excellent episodes.

'Medium' Cast:

Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois
Jake Weber as Joe Dubois
Miguel Sandoval as D.A. Manuel Devalos
Sofia Vassilieva as Ariel Dubois
Maria Lark as Bridgette Dubois
David Cubitt as Detective Lee Scanlon


The show is based on the real experiences of psychic, Allison DuBois. Allison also serves as a consultant for the show.


2005: Patricia Arquette won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Rae's Take:

Medium is one of my favorite programs on NBC. Emmy winner Patricia Arquette's portrayal of real-life psychic Allison DuBois is right on. Diapers, recitals, carpooling and finding alone time with her husband, Allison makes us believe she is just like all the other busy working mothers, with the exception of this incredible gift. Will Allison ever get a grip on her abilities? That remains to be seen, so stay tuned.


Based on the life of real-life psychic, Allison DuBois, Medium allows us into the mind of this incredible woman and her journey into the “other side.”

Having the gift to communicate with dead people isn’t always easy. Allison (Patricia Arquette) is a regular wife and mother, trying to juggle a family, a career and an amazing gift. Learning to come to grips with this gift has taken a toll on Allison and her family – especially since Allison hasn’t learned how to control these communications.

When Allison proves her abilities to her boss, the D.A. (Miguel Sandoval), she is quietly put to work, helping to nab the criminals, free the innocent and track down missing victims. Allison’s work many times interferes with family, leaving her dedicated husband Joe (Jake Weber) to help care for their three girls.

Will Allison finally learn to better control this incredible gift? Probably not anytime soon, but it certainly makes for great storytelling.
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