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'Nashville' Character Profiles


When country music legend Rayna James realizes her star is slowly fading and her record company is no longer willing to stand behind her, she sets out to make music on her own terms -- even if it means reconnecting with the man she still loves. Meanwhile, Juliette Barnes is becoming the new queen of country and that fact is not sitting well with Rayna, especially when this young star goes after the man she loves...

Rayna James (Played by Connie Britton)

Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes
Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
In the day, Rayna James was at the top of her game and the charts and at 40, she is seeing her star slowly fading away to obscurity. Determined to keep a tight hold on her career, Rayna sets out to stay relevant -- but she insists to do it her way. Rayna is married to Teddy, but appears to still be in love with Deacon, the man she spent years making music with. Rayna and Teddy have two daughters, Maddie and Daphne.

Juliette Barnes (Played by Hayden Panettiere)

Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes
Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
As Rayna's star begins to fall, Juliette Barnes is right there ready to take her place as the "Queen of Country." This young star is the newest sensation in Nashville and although it appears she has it all, Juliette leads a sad, lonely life with no real friends and a drug-addicted mother who has never been there for her. She has a big crush on Deacon Clayborne and is determined to keep Rayna from reclaiming her former position at the top of the charts.

Deacon Clayborne (Played by Charles Esten)

Charles Esten as Deacon Claybourne
Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Twenty years ago, Deacon and Rayna were at the top of their game and top of the charts. Deacon was more than Rayna's band leader, he was also the love of her life, but his addition to drugs kept the two from making a life for themselves. He's now sober, but she is married to Teddy and although their chemistry is undeniable, it doesn't appears as though these two will wind up together for some time to come -- but make no mistake about it, they will be together some day! For now, Deacon is gravitating towards Juliette (probably because she reminds him of a young Rayna), writing music for her and sharing her bed occasionally.

Scarlett O'Connor (Played by Clare Bowen)

Clare Bowen as Scarlett O'Connor
Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Scarlett may be the sweet, shy one, but don't let that fool you, this young woman is loaded with talent. After scoring a scholarship to college, Scarlett met aspiring musician Avery and followed him to Nashville so he could pursue his dream. She got a job as a waitress, where she met Gunnar Scott and the two began writing and performing music together. Once they were discovered, Scarlett and Avery's relationship went south and I think it'll only be a matter of time before she and Gunnar get together. Scarlett is Deacon's niece.

Teddy Conrad (Played by Eric Close)

Eric Close as Teddy Conrad
Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Rayna's husband and aspiring politician. Backed by his father-in-law, Teddy is running for mayor and is unwittingly becoming Lamar's pawn. He has always been the man behind the legend, but it's becoming clear Teddy hasn't been the adoring and loyal husband everybody thought he was. Oh, and did we mention he knows how Rayna feels about Deacon?

Gunnar Scott (Played by Sam Palladio)

Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott
Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
This kindhearted aspiring musician and song writer hails from Austin, Texas and is determined to make it big. He has a huge crush on Scarlett and in her, he believe he has found the perfect woman -- both musically and personally.

Avery Barkley (Played by Jonathan Jackson)

Jonathan Jackson as Avery Barkley
Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Like millions of aspiring musicians before him, Avery hopes to make himself a household name, but luck has not been on his side. He is paying his dues, performing in any venue that will have him without any luck, making his girlfriend's success a very bitter pill to swallow.
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