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Fall TV Preview - 2012-13 Season


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Fall TV Preview - ABC - '666 Park Avenue'
ABC - '666 Park Avenue'
Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Pack your bags, visualize your greatest desires and head for New York City! 666 Park Avenue centers around a young mid-western couple (Annable and Taylor) who have been hired to manage a luxurious apartment building in New York City where the residents have been possessed by demonic forces and have unknowingly sold their souls to the devil.

Cast: Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen, Dave Annable as Henry Martin, Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard, Mercedes Masšhn as Louise Leonard, Helena Mattsson as Alexis Blume, Samantha Logan as Nona Clark, with Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran and Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran.

Premiere Date: September 30, 2012
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