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2013 People's Choice Awards - Nominations


2013 People's Choice Awards - Nominations
Photo credit: Frank Ockenfels The CW © 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Aside from not having any control over the ratings and watching some of your favorite shows go down the tubes, one of the most frustrating things fans encounter is not having the ability to vote in the Emmys or Golden Globes.

Traditionally, shows with big (and incredibly loyal) fan bases are of the serialized or sci-fi nature and sadly, it's pretty rare these shows get nominated for an Emmy, although sometimes they will get a Golden Globe nod. Thankfully, each year we have the People's Choice Awards, an opportunity for fans to finally have a chance to voice their opinions and give a well-deserved nod to the best shows and stars on television.

Aside from voting for your shows and having the satisfaction of doing your part in picking a winner, another reason to vote is to let the networks know how deep a fan base really runs, especially for a show that may not be living up top its potential in the ratings.

The 2013 People's Choice Awards airs live January 9, 2013 on CBS. Be sure to cast your vote right away!

Favorite Network TV Drama Show Most Likely to Win: An interesting grouping of dramas and of them all, Once Upon a Time and Revenge tend to get the most buzz. If I were to choose between the two, I would say Once Upon a Time is the likely candidate due to the diehard and dedicated fan base.

Favorite Cable TV Drama Show Most Likely to Win: Even though they are perennial nominees (and often winners), I find it odd that shows such as Breaking Bad and Mad Men to not be on this list since they both carry large fan bases. I think it's more than likely that The Walking Dead will take home the gold due to its immense fan base (myself included).

Favorite Premium Cable TV Show Show Most Likely to Win: Although True Blood and Game of Thrones are as popular as ever, Homeland is one of the most popular dramas around these days and more than likely to win in this category.

Favorite TV Crime Drama Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show Favorite Dramatic TV Actor
  • Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries
  • Jared Padalecki, Supernatural
  • Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
  • Nathan Fillion, Castle
  • Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries
Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
  • Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy
  • Emily Deschanel, Bones
  • Ginnifer Goodwin, Once Upon a Time
  • Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
  • Stana Katic, Castle
Favorite TV Fan Following
  • Gleeks, Glee
  • Little Liars, Pretty Little Liars
  • Oncers, Once Upon A Time
  • SPNFamily, Supernatural
  • TVDFamily, The Vampire Diaries
Favorite New TV Drama Show Most Likely to Win: Sadly, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort have been canceled (but still remain on the air for now), so I think it's highly unlikely either will win. Revolution, Nashville and Arrow have been the most successful for each of their networks and I think Revolution is the most likely to win thanks in large part to their dedicated sci-fi fan base -- although the CW viewers have proved in the past to be big voters so I wouldn't completely take Arrow out of the running just yet.
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