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The Main Characters of 'Pretty Little Liars'


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Hanna Marin
Hanna Marin, Pretty Little Liars Photos

Hanna Marin in 'Pretty Little Liars'

ABC Family

Hanna Marin is played by Ashley Benson in the ABC Family hit series Pretty Little Liars.

Hanna's Past:
Hanna felt fat and unwanted. She used food as comfort for everything, including when her parents, Tom and Ashley split up. Her dad left and she stayed with her mom. The family was fairly well off.

Hanna's biggest wish was to be as beautiful and popular as Ali. And Hanna had a crush on Sean Ackard.

Hanna and Ali:
Ali befriended Hanna, but always made fun of her weight. Once, she caught Hanna making herself throw up, and she would drop hints about that as well while other people were around. Ali's nickname for Hanna was Hefty Hanna. Hanna adored Ali and wanted to be just like her.

After Ali disappeared, Hanna teamed up with Mona, a girl Ali had often made fun of. The two made themselves over by losing weight and learning about fashion.

Hanna Now:
Hanna and Mona are now the most popular girls in school, taking Ali's place. Hanna still worries that she will turn back into the chubby girl that no boy would ever look at.

When she begins receiving messages from A, Hanna doesn't tell anyone, until the girls figure out that they are all receiving messages and start working together to figure out who A is.

Hanna wants to sleep with her boyfriend, Sean, but he is a part of the Real Love Waits club and doesn't want to have sex until he's married. Hanna throws herself at him, only to be turned down. Upset and feeling rejected she steals his car and then accidentally slams it into a tree.

Trying a different tactic, Hanna goes with Sean to his RLW meeting, where she meets the socially awkward Lucas. She starts hanging out with Lucas more and more and when she realizes they are having money problems, Lucas helps her sell some of her stuff.

Mad at Hanna for ditching her for Hanna's old friends, Mona un-invites Hanna to her birthday party. Hanna goes as a spy, though, to search for A. When Hanna thinks she knows who A is and goes to tell the girls, she is hit by a car.

Hanna's suspicions that Noel is A don't pan out and the girls are back to square one.

Hanna's father introduces her to his fiance, Isabel, and Isabel's perfect daughter, Kate.

Hanna finds out that her mother stole money from the bank where she works with intentions to pay it back. At a welcome home party thrown by Mona, the money is stolen and A blackmails Hanna, using the money to get Hanna to do what A wants.

Hanna has to hurt Lucas by dancing with him. She also has to eat six large cupcakes, but A does return the money.

Hanna begins dating bad boy Caleb after he's caught living at school and she allows him to live in her basement. When Ashley finds out, she kicks Caleb out and Hanna leaves with him. They camp out and sleep together, but then Hanna finds out that Caleb had been spying for Jenna.

Hanna believes that Caleb never cared about her, which is not true. Caleb leaves, but before he gets on the bus, he gives Mona a letter to give to Hanna, which Mona tears up without telling Hanna.

What Hanna doesn't know is that Lucas knows about the letter and knows that Caleb will make Hanna happy, so he goes after Caleb's bus in his car.

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