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'Private Practice' Synopsis and General Information


'Private Practice' Synopsis and General Information
© 2007 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Photo: Bob D'Amico


September 26, 2007

When is it on?:

Wednesdays at 9pm EST on ABC (check local listings).

Also Known As:

Grey's 2.0

Spawn of:

Grey's Anatomy


Kate Walsh as Addison Forbes Montgomery
Tim Daly as Dr. Peter Wilder
Taye Diggs as Dr. Sam Bennett
Paul Adelstein as Dr. Cooper Freedman
Audra McDonald as Dr. Naomi Bennett
Brian Benben as Dr. Sheldon Wallace
Amy Brenneman as Dr. Violet Turner
KaDee Strickland as Dr. Charlotte King


Sick of dealing with her ex-husband and ex-lover, Addison Montgomery leaves Seattle Grace behind and heads to beautiful Los Angeles and joins a private practice with her old med school friends. Will Addison finally find true love and figure out a way to have a baby before it's too late?
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