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An Interview with Sam Page (Casey, Shark)


An Interview with Sam Page (Casey, Shark)
©2006 CBS Broadcasting Inc./Monty Brinton
From his days on the soap All My Children, I have been a fan of Sam Page. His ability to draw viewers into his world and keep them coming back for more is the mark of a great actor. This Ivy League-educated actor is as absolutely charming and intelligent as the many popular roles he has played over the years. I think we'll have many, many years ahead of us watching this fabulous young actor continue capturing his audience no matter what role he plays.

Q: How did you get into acting?

"When it came down to graduating from college, my passion had always been film and television, I loved it and watched it in kind of a different way. I always wanted to know how it was made and the writing of it. The collaborative effort was always appealing to me. Then I realized the closer I got to it, the more movies I watched, that I really wanted to be an actor."

Q: Did you feel that work on a soap to be more difficult than on a regular primetime series?

"No. I know people say that all the time, but I've never bought that. I've never thought that's true. It is difficult in the sense that the pacing is different and the raw memorization you have to put out there. In soap operas, most of the dialogue is all exposition, you're really not so much doing things with the dialogue as you are informing, you're telling people what happens. It's the hardest stuff to write, it's the hardest stuff to act. So in that sense, yes it is. But, I think the stakes are so much higher on network television."

Q: Had Point Pleasant been successful, how do you think your character would have faired against Christina?

"Pretty good! It would've been a bit more head-to-head. I think they would've gone into more of my latent abilities at that point. The last handful of scripts, they had to figure out a way to tie it off and in doing so, it was harder to make us equals. I think they would've gotten more into a genuine love story."

Q: Tell me about your character on Shark.

"His name is Casey Woodland and he is a deputy district attorney in the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. He's 28, his father is a well-known Senator, so he comes from a very affluent background and he was a quarterback at USC. He's kind of like a JFK Jr. He's a charming, easy going guy. He's working in the D.A.'s office as a stepping stone into politics. What we'll find out is that perhaps it's not something he wants to get into, but something his family has held a place in politics for him to ascend to. He's not exactly a very ambitious lawyer when you first meet him, but with Sebastian Stark showing up in our office, all of a sudden things get very interesting. I become a member of the high profile crime unit."

Q: Are you learning more about the craft from James Woods?

"Absolutely! If you think about it, James Woods is one of the smartest actors around. The quality of his work is in a different stratosphere. He's fantastic and he leads by example, he's incredible to work with. The energy he brings to every take of every scene, every single day is infectious. There isn't one day that I've been working on this project and not thought how lucky I am to be doing this. It's the greatest job I could ask for."

Q: Do you see any potential love affairs with your character on Shark?

"There's certainly a lot of pretty girls on the show, I'll tell you that! I think yes, to keep things interesting."

Q: Do you feel your character is a younger version of Sebastian?

"In a way yes and in a way no. Yes in that Sebastian is the kind of character that in some way resents me because when he was young, he had to develop this work ethic because he always had to work so hard. My character as you'll hear him describe in the pilot, is good on his feet, charms the jury, but is lazy with the facts and is not a rocket scientist. He sees him as both an asset, but also a problem with being lazy and now he's pressing me to do more."

Q: Favorite Movies?

"The Cohen Brothers are my favorite directors. Miller's Crossing is my favorite movie of all time."

Q: Favorite TV Shows?

"The Wire."

Q: Favorite Comfort Food?

"I do love me some cookies!"

Q: What's your ringtone?

"On my old phone, I figured out a way using Quicktime to edit MP3's off my computer down to 15 seconds of ringing and send it to my phone to play. One was a speech from Deadwood by Ian McShane. The other was a cello concerto number 9 by Yo Yo Ma."

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to get into the business?

"Get into it with everything you have. Learn as much about every aspect as you can."
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