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'Sons of Anarchy' Synopsis and Other Essential Information


'Sons of Anarchy' Synopsis and Other Essential Information
CR: Prashant Gupta / FX


Hop on that bike and head over the the fictional town of Charming, California where the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO or Sam Crow for short) watch over the town. The members of SAMCRO run weapons and dabble in various other illegal activities, but one thing they do not tolerate is the selling of drugs in their little town. The club was started by John Teller and Clay Marrow and upon John's death, his son Jax became vice-president. Jax and Clay have very different ideas as to how the club should be run, which is a major source of contention and often creates conflict between members of the club.

Series Premiere:

September 3, 2008

When does it air?:

During its seasonal run, Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesday nights at 10pm ET on FX Network. Repeats air sporadically during the week, so be sure to check your local listings. The latest episodes can be viewed at FX's official Sons of Anarchy website. The series is also available on DVD.

'Sons of Anarchy' Cast:

  • Charlie Hunnam as Jackson "Jax" Teller
  • Ron Perlman as Clarence "Clay" Morrow
  • Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow
  • Mark Boone Junior as Robert "Bobby Elvis" Munson
  • Kim Coates as Alex "Tig" Trager
  • Tommy Flanagan as Filip "Chibs" Telford
  • Maggie Siff as Dr. Tara Knowles
  • Dayton Callie as former Police Chief Wayne Unser
  • Ryan Hurst as Harry "Opie" Winston
  • Theo Rossi as Juan-Carlos "Juice" Ortiz

Series Creator:

Sons of Anarchy was created by Kurt Sutter, who was also the producer and writer of The Shield, another hit crime drama that aired on FX. In addition to running the show, Sutter also occasionally appear on the show as Otto 'Big Otto' Delaney, an imprisoned member of the Sons of Anarchy. He also appeared in several episodes of The Shield as Margos Dezerian. Sutter is married to SOA star Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma.


  • The series is filmed in Los Angeles, Tujunga and Sun Valley, California.
  • The character Tig has a fear of dolls (which is called Pediophobia) -- series creator Kurt Sutter is afraid of dolls in real life.
  • Actor Scott Glenn originally played Clay Marrow in the pilot, but Sutter decided to replace him with Ron Perlman.
  • The series is based on Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • While viewership on most series decline each season, Sons of Anarchy is one of the few that have built an audience each season. In fact, the season five premiere was the highest rated episode in the show's history.

About Charlie Hunnam:

He may hail from New Castle, England, but you'd never know it from the role he plays on SOA. Charlie's breakout role was as Nathan Maloney in the series Queer as Folk. He appeared in the short-lived series Undeclared and Young Americans. He also appeared in the films Cold Mountain, Children of Men, Deadfall and Green Street Hooligans.

About Katey Sagal:

Most likely remember Katey as Peg Bundy in Fox's long-running series Married with Children (she appeared in 252 episodes!). Since the show ended in 1997, Katey has appeared in a number of shows including 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, Boston Legal, The Shield, Lost and has voiced the character Turanga Leela on Futurama since 1999.

About Ron Perlman:

He may not be a household name, but Ron Perlman has starred in dozens of films and television series. He got his start on the ABC soap Ryan's Hope back in 1979 and hasn't stopped working since. Some of his bigger roles include the TV series Beauty and the Beast and The Magnificent Seven and the films BladeII, The Devil's Tomb, The Job, Drive, Conan the Barbarian and the popular Hellboy series.

Cast Interviews:

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