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'Body of Proof' Synopsis


Body of Proof Cast
Photo Credit: Donna Svennevik © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


Dr. Megan Fox was one of the country's leading neurosurgeons, but a horrible car accident forever changes the course of her life when she can no longer perform surgery. She takes her medical skills to the medical examiners office, where she solves those tough cases but has "developed a reputation for graying the lines of where her job ends and where the police department’s begins." In addition to her work troubles, her family life is in complete disarray. Can Megan finally balance her work life and family life before she losses it all?

Series Premiere:

March 29, 2011

When is it on?:

Once it premieres, the series will air Tuesdays at 10pm ET on ABC.

'Body of Proof' Cast:

  • Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt
  • Jeri Ryan as Dr. Kate Murphy
  • Geoffrey Arend as Dr. Elliot Gross
  • John Carroll Lynch as Detective Bud Morris
  • Windell Middlebrooks as Dr. Curtis Brumfield
  • Nic Bishop as Peter Dunlap
  • Sonja Sohn as Detective Samantha Baker
  • Mary Mouser as Lacey Fleming



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