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'Dirty Sexy Money' Season 2 DVD Details and Review

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Dirty Sexy Money DVD
© Disney. All Rights Reserved.
Released: August 18, 2009
Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 13
Total Episode Running Time: 560 Minutes
Rated: Episodes are rated TV PG DLSV/Bonus Material not rated

'Dirty Sexy Money' Series Synopsis

The Darling family has it all -- money, power and privilege, and Nick George is determined to never succumb to that lifestyle when he takes over for his father as the Darlings personal attorney. When the family patriarch passes away, it's up to Nick to keep the family empire running and the naughty Darlings in line.

Disc Breakdown

Disc 1
  • "The Birthday Present"
  • "The Family Lawyer"
  • "The Star Witness"
  • "The Silence"
Disc 2
  • "The Verdict"
  • "The Injured Party"
  • "The Facts"
  • "The Summer House"
  • "The Plan"
Disc 3
  • "The Organ Donor"
  • "The Convertible"
  • "The Unexpected Arrival"
  • "The Bad Guy"
Bonus Material
  • Faux Pas: Bloopers from Season 2
  • Deleted Scenes
  • "Dirty Sexy....Crafty?" – Craft Services – the official "water cooler" of every television or movie set. And nobody runs a tighter snack service than Wacky Crafty Specialist Josh. Who knows what kinds of delicious tidbits are being served today?!
  • Directing the Darlings - Acclaimed director Jamie Babbitt shares her director’s diary cam for a step-by-step look at what it’s like to bring an hour-long drama with an all-star cast, complex story lines and multiple departments to television.
  • Total Knockout – Take a ringside seat for a day on set with sexy and talented Natalie Zea.

Is There Closure?

The 2008-09 television season was particularly brutal in the cancellation department, but when ABC canceled Dirty Sexy Money, I think I may have actually felt my heart break a little. Was there enough time between the cancellation and the end of production to tie up those loose ends? Yes and no. The series does indeed answer the big question about who killed Dutch George, but sadly there are still a few tidbits that will forever go unsolved.

Is 'Dirty Sexy Money' Worth Your Hard-Earned Cash?

If you have already watched or plan to watch the first season, then adding the second season is an absolute must for your DVD collection. It had been a long, long time since viewers had a real, honest to goodness primetime soap opera and Dirty Sexy Money fulfilled every expectation I had in this department.

Gone are the days of mindless television. Today's programs tend to cater to a more intelligent audience, especially if you happen to be internet-savvy. While I love these "smarter" shows, the research required for some (Lost for instance) can be exhaustive (in a good way of course!). Shows that fall into that traditional mindless television category have been far and few between over the last few years. Dirty Sexy Money was pure escapism at its very best, and I will greatly miss that wacky Darling family.

When watching the bonus features of this DVD release, be sure to check out "Dirty Sexy....Crafty?" and "A Day in the Life of Natalie Zea." While the bloopers reel is a must for every fan, my absolute favorite was watching series director Jamie Babbitt take us through the process of piecing together a drama series. It's not as easy, nor as glamorous as one might think.
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