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Top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series on DVD


Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in the title role as a normal teenage girl learns that she is the one girl in all the world who has the ability to fight vampires and demons.

1. Buffy: Season One

Go back to the very beginning and see how Buffy and the Scooby Gang formed, but most importantly, relive the moment when Buffy and Angel first met and began to fall in love.
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2. Buffy: Season Two

After celebrating a momentous birthday with Angel, Buffy's life is turned upside down when Angel becomes Angelus. This season-long theme plays out until the very last minute where Buffy must do the unthinkable.
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3. Buffy: Season Three

It's their senior year, and it's anything but fun when Faith, another vampire slayer, comes to town and throws the Scooby Gang for a loop when they realize she is evil. Will the gang make it through graduation?
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4. Buffy: Season Four

The gang begins college and many changes are ahead for Willow, who realizes she is a lesbian and a powerful witch. Buffy meets a new man named Riley, who is part of a covert government branch who captures vampires and experiments on them. Spike falls victim to this group and a chip is inserted into his head, preventing him from feeding off humans without experiencing unimaginable pain.
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5. Buffy: Season Five

Season five introduces Dawn, a sister Buffy never knew she had. The season-long theme is about an evil God named Glory, who is searching for "the key," which will open the veils between all the dimensions.
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6. Buffy: Season Six

After being brought back from the dead, Buffy struggles to get a grip on life and try to forget how beautiful afterlife really was. This very dark season also focuses on three geeky wannabe criminals who make Buffy and the Scooby Gang's lives hell for most of the season.
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7. Buffy: Season Seven

The final season has Buffy and the Scooby Gang searching for new slayers in a effort to fight the mother of all evil: The First Evil.
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8. Buffy: The Entire Series Collection

All the vampires, all the spells, all the slayers in one fabulous collection every Buffy fan should own!
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9. Spike: Love is Hell

For all you Spike fans, this is the DVD to buy! This DVD features the best Spike episodes and moments from the series.
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10. The Buffy & Angel Chronicles Gift Set (VHS)

If any of you still own a VHS, this collection features the best Angel and Buffy themed episodes from the series.
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