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TV's Best of the Best

Which are TV's sexiest dramas? Which shows are the hottest on television right now? Check out our top picks for a variety of categories and see if you agree with your Guide's choices.

Best TV Dramas of 2012
2012 brought us some of the best dramas we've seen in recent years. Find out which primetime TV dramas stood out among the rest and then let us know which shows you loved the most in 2012.

The Best TV Dramas of 2011
Television viewers have been a lucky bunch this past year with an incredible array of dramas that help us forget about life for an hour each week. Find out which shows we enjoyed most this year and be sure to give us your picks for the best TV dramas of 2011.

What was Your Favorite Show from 2011?
We listed our favorite shows from 2011, now it's your turn to tell us which shows were your favorite...

TV' Best Bromances
Forget those steamy romances, some of the most entertaining relationships on television are between two male characters who share a bond stronger than any romantic relationship.

Who Do You Think is the Best Television Drama Bromance?
We've told you our favorite television bromance, now we want to hear yours...

Most Promising New Dramas of 2011
Each fall, a whole new crop of TV dramas comes along, hoping to become the next big water cooler show. Find out which shows we think are the best of the bunch this fall...

TV's Best Villains
From Smallville's Lex Luthor to Prison Break's T-Bag, we've met some of television's most deplorable villains over the years. Find out who we think were some of the best villains to ever grace the small screen...

TV 2009: The Year in Review
Compared to previous years, 2009 was fairly quiet -- especially on the criminal side of things. From Eric Dane's sex tape scandal to the death of TV legend Farrah Fawcett, let's go down memory lane one last time before the new decade begins.

Worst TV Drama Cancellations of the '00s
The single most traumatic event in the world of television is when a network cancels a show. The fans feel the most helpless because other than organize a campaign, they really have no control over the network's decision to axe a show. We've seen some big shows get their pink slips over the last ten years, but we feel the following shows hit...

Most Influential TV Dramas of the '00s
The millennium brought us some of the most compelling new dramas in the history of television. There were 10 dramas that really helped define this new era of television and we want to know which shows you think were the most influential.

Most Influential TV Dramas of the Decade
The '90s may have been filled with memorable shows such as Seinfeld, ER and Friends, but the millennium brought a whole new set of TV shows that completely changed television. The networks finally realized we needed smarter television, we needed shows that would no longer be classified as "mindless television." And boy did they deliver!

The Best Television Had to Offer in 2008
The writers strike wreaked havoc on the television industry in 2008, but despite the shortened TV season and the massive ratings drop, 10 shows managed to stand out above the rest in our eyes this year.

2007 TV Wrap-Up: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Betty
From the industry-crippling writers' strike and a nutty, yet successful fan campaign to DUIs and prison sentences, 2007 has had its share of ups and downs. Let's hope that 2008 brings better times for our favorite celebrities and a resolution to the strike so the remainder of the television season can go on as usual.

Most Shocking Moments on Television in 2007
Every TV season, there are those fabulous moments on one of our shows where something so big happens that we drop what is in our hands, scream and then likely hit that rewind button on those DVRs/Tivos. The last year of television has been very exciting and we just love rehashing every single glorious moment.

Best TV Dads (2007)
Television history has seen fantastic fathers over the years. Who made the best dad list for 2007?

Best TV Moms
Writing the role of a mother on television can be a difficult task. No matter how you write the role, someone is going to challenge the role that particular mom plays. Here is a list of who I think are the best moms on television today.

The Best New Shows of 2005
2005 saw some great new television dramas. Find out which dramas made the list for 2005.

The Best of Television in 2006
2006 brought us loads of great television moments. Find out what we think were the best moments of television in 2006.

TV's Best Dramedies
The term dramedy was coined when Desperate Housewives hit the scene back in 2004, but the addition of comedy into a traditional drama series (or vice-verse) has been around since the early days of shows such as Sex and the City and Buffy the Vampire Slayer . Dramedies have become increasingly popular over the years, so we've put together a list of the best TV shows that will have you glued to th…

Great TV Dramas to Catch in Reruns
Waiting for your favorite TV drama to return in the fall doesn't mean you can't find new and captivating dramas to watch during the summer. Each summer, I make a point to find at least one drama I've always wanted to watch, but couldn't squeeze it into my busy viewing schedule (hey, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!). I do try to stay...

Who's Been Naughty and Who's Been Nice?
It's the most wonderful time of the year and your favorite television characters need to answer for their actions over the past year. Have they been naughty or nice?

Best TV Drama Episodes of 2010
From the bloodbath on Grey's Anatomy to the Britney and Madonna episodes of Glee, every year a group of episodes stand out above the rest -- episodes we commit to memory for years to come. In 2010, two very prominent dramas, Lost and 24, came to an end, giving their loyal fans finales they won't soon forget. Needless to say, 2010 was a banner...

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