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TV's Best Bromances


Forget those steamy romances, some of the most entertaining relationships on television are between two male characters who share a bond stronger than any romantic relationship. Find out who we think are the best bromances on television and then share with us your favorite guy friends.

Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman ('The Vampire Diaries')

Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis
Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Who would have thought a non-romantic relationship between a vampire and human was possible -- especially when the vampire was responsible for turning his wife into a vampire? Such is the funny relationship between Damon and Alaric. Alaric came to town determined to find out what really happened to his wife and make Damon pay, but in the end the two wound up fighting for the same side and sharing a very odd relationship -- one that a little temporary homicide (Damon killed Alaric, who was wearing his special ring, because he was getting in the way) didn't destroy along the way.

Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke ('White Collar')

Matt Bomer and Timy DeKay
Photo: Robert Ascroft/USA Network
After chasing him for years, FBI Agent Peter Burke finally caught one of the most notorious white collar criminals, but the last thing he ever imagined was working side by side with him on high profile cases. Peter and Neal are both the best at what they do and as a result, the two are constantly trying to one-up the other -- and keep us fans chuckling at their constant bickering. Their relationship is rocky at best, but I think deep down, these two men really do respect and care about each other.

Derek Shepard and Mark Sloan ('Grey's Anatomy')

Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane
Photo: Vivian Zink © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
McDreamy and McSteamy -- Derek and Mark grew up together and spent most of their adult lives as best friends... until Derek caught Mark and his wife Addison in bed together. Derek fled to Seattle to get away from his wife and former best friend, but both eventually came back to him to try and start over again. Derek wasn't too quick to forgive his friend, especially when he learned that Addison and Mark had continued to have a relationship that even resulted in a pregnancy long after Derek left for Seattle. Derek's relationship with Addison didn't work out in the end, but he and Mark did finally patch things up and are close once again.

House and Wilson ('House')

Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard
Photo: ©Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Yarish/FOX
No list would be complete without one of television's most dysfunctional relationships! Over the years, House and Wilson have fought and more than most married couples. Sadly, 9 3/4 of the time, Wilson is right and winds up having to concede to House in the end. One of these days, House is going to push Wilson to hard and lose him forever. Can Dr. Crabby Pants ever be rehabilitated and finally have a normal relationship with anyone?

Chuck and Morgan ('Chuck')

Zachari Levi and Joshua Gomez
Photo by: Mike Ansell/NBC
From their days in kindergarten, Chuck Bartowski and Morgan Grimes have spent almost every waking moment together... literally. For Chuck, one of the most difficult aspects of being a spy was keeping his big secret from Morgan, but once it all came out, their relationship changed for the better. As Chuck's relationship with Sarah progressed, the two finally realized the time had come to stop living together, making for one of the most touching moments in the show's history.
Runner Up: Jeff and Lester.

Danny Messer and Don Flack ('CSI: New York")

Carmine Giovinazzo and Eddie Cahill
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2011 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
They met on the job on 9/11 and ten years later, Don Flack and Danny Messer have seen their share of tragedy and shared in their triumphs, but one thing that has never changed is the admiration and respect between these two cops. In a show filled with intense drama, these two characters often give viewers a little chuckle as they wade through crime scene after crime scene.
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