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Breaking Up With Your Favorite Show - Is it Time to Call it Quits on a TV Show?


You've watched a TV show for years, but does it seem as though you're not getting the same enjoyment out of it anymore? Are you still watching a show out of loyalty? Here are some telltale signs that will help determine if the time has come to break up with your favorite show -- and how to keep tabs on it without wasting your precious viewing time.
  • Is it Just Background Sound?
While the show is on, do you find yourself doing other things such as cleaning, playing computer games, texting, etc.?
  • Cancellation Watch is a Good Thing
Do you find yourself secretly hoping that enough viewers are feeling the same way, ultimately causing the ratings to drop low enough to put the series on cancellation watch? Would you be sad to see the show come to an end?
  • Avoiding the Water Cooler
Remember those days when you couldn't wait to get to work following an episode of your favorite show so you can gab with your co-workers about the latest happenings? Do you find yourself avoiding people who still watch the show because you just don't find it as exciting as everyone else does? Are you afraid of losing the respect of your colleagues if you tune out?
  • Embarrassed to Still Be Watching?
When a series has been on for a long time, viewers drop like flies once something bigger and better comes along. Do you find it embarrassing to admit you still watch the show occasionally/on a regular basis? That may not necessarily mean it's time to stop watching, but usually viewers who still love a series readily (and happily) admit to their continued viewing of said show.
  • Shocking Revelations
In the early years of a series, those shocking scenes made the show that much more enjoyable and quite worthy of your precious viewing time. Do you find yourself no longer affected by the death of a once-favorite character, or the revelation of some big secret?
  • DVR No More
Have you removed the show from your DVR's series recording list? Are you only recording the show once in a while? If there are two other shows on at the same time, does this show get left out in the cold? Do you have multiple unwatched episodes taking up space?
  • Speed Dating
Do you find yourself fast-forwarding through scenes involving certain characters just to get to the meat of the show? Are there only a couple characters left you still care about?

OK, What Do I Do Now?

Now that you've identified one or more signs and symptoms, how do you go about quitting your formally favorite television show? Here are a couple of ways to get you started on the road to recovery.

1) How to Break Up With Your Favorite Show

If you've answered yes to more than a couple of the above items, the time has probably come to break up with your once favorite show. It might not be easy at first, but remember that millions of others are likely feeling the same way. The first thing to do is dump any saved episodes or future recordings from the DVR. Find something else to watch in the same time slot, or even find something to do that's totally unrelated to television. Like kicking any bad habit, the best thing to do is keep busy with something bigger and better!

2) How to Cope With the Loss

I used to be a big soap opera junkie and over the last couple of years, I found I just couldn't watch these shows anymore. However, my biggest hurdle was not knowing the fates of some of my favorite characters. After all, it's the characters that keep us coming back for more every week, is it not? The best advice I can give in this area is to keep tabs on those characters via fan sites on the web, buying an entertainment magazine, catching an episode once in a while or talking to a friend or acquaintance about the latest happenings. You never know when the show might pique your interest again -- a second honeymoon has been known to happen every once in a while.
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