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2013 Television Premiere Schedule


2013 Television Premiere Schedule
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2013 Premiere Schedule

Monday, January 7
Switched at Birth - Now that the trial is over and Angelo has been awarded $5 million, how will the money change the lives of the two girls? Is that pregnant woman we saw in the finale carry his baby? Things are about to dramatically change for everyone when the show returns.

Bunheads - The premiere picks up a couple of months after Michelle has returned to Las Vegas - will she be able to pick up her life where it left off or is she ready to start with a clean slate?

Tuesday, January 8
Pretty Little Liars - Now that we know Toby is one of the bad guys, find out what has motivated him to go after the girls all this time as his story begins to unfold.

The Lying Game - Now that we know who the birth mother really is, how will the big reveal play out? Which guy will Emma and Sutton wind up with?

Monday, January 14
The Carrie Diaries - The much-hyped Sex & the City prequel finally arrives! Find out how Carrie's love affair with New York began in this charming prequel set in the '80 with a teenaged Carrie Bradshaw.

Monday, January 21
The Following - After spending decades on the big screen, Kevin Bacon heads to the small screen in this psychological thriller about an ex-FBI agent who is called back to duty in order to track down a notorious serial killer who has assembled a group of killers.

Tuesday, January 22
White Collar - The series returns for the second half of season four as Neil deals with the explosive news that Sam is his father. As more secrets from his past come to light, Neil seeks out help from Mozzie and Peter.

Tuesday, February 5
Body of Proof - After firing half the cast, ABC's medical crime drama returns with a brand new love interest in tow for Megan Hunt.
Smash - After a rocky start ratings-wise last season, the musical drama returns for season two with loads of great guest stars. Will the ratings pick up and bring us a third season?

Friday, February 8
Touch - Looks like Kiefer Sutherland has found another hit show on Fox. Martin and his son are on the run -- how long will it take before the law catches up with them?

Sunday, February 10
The Walking Dead - After a two month hiatus, Rick, the Governor and the rest of the gang are back for the second half of what has been a most exciting season.

Thursday, February 14
Zero Hour - A myth debunker is drawn into one of the biggest conspiracies ever known when his wife is kidnapped and he must travel down some very dangerous paths in an effort to save her.

Tuesday, February 19
Cult - An eerie new series about a journalist who goes in search of his missing brother after he expressed concerns about his favorite television show.

Red Widow - After the brutal death of her husband, a woman must delve into the dangerous world of organized crime in order to keep herself and children alive.

Tuesday, February 26
Golden Boy - The new crime drama about a cop who rises up through the ranks at an unprecedented rate makes its first appearance on February 26 and then March 6 before settling in to its regular time slot on Fridays at 9:00 PM ET.

Tuesday, March 12
Vegas - The freshman drama starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis returns from hiatus.

Monday, March 25
Revolution - After a two and a half month hiatus, the popular series returns -- but will the viewers tune in after such a long break?
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