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Summer Programming Schedule


TV season is over, now what? Each summer, the networks bring us new programs to help keep us entertained until our favorite shows come back in the fall.

The following is the premiere schedule for summer programs:

Studio 60 - May 24 on NBC

Traveler - May 30 (May 10 preview) on ABC (New Series)

Standoff - June 8 on Fox

Big Love - June 11 on HBO

Kyle XY - June 11 on ABC Family

Rescue Me - June 13 on FX

Monk - July 13 on USA Network

Psych - July 13 on USA Network

The 4400 - June 17 on USA Network

The Dead Zone - June 17 on USA Network

The Closer - June 18 on TNT

Heartland - June 18 (New Series) on TNT

Saving Grace - July 18 (New Series) on TNT

Damages - July 24 (New Series) on FX
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