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USA Network Upfront Presentation - Interviews, Photos and News


USA Network Upfront Presentation - Interviews, Photos and News
Copyright © NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved. Photo: Paul A Broben
When the traditional television season ends in May, viewers seem to forget about the major networks and turn their attention to the cable channels when they begin craving something other than reality programming or sports. For more than a decade, USA Network has kept us entertained all summer long when those perennial favorites return shortly after TV season ends.

In a land where “characters are welcome,” we have lawyers and detectives who always get the bad guys, a defective detective, a fake psychic detective, a former spy on a personal mission and a spurned Hollywood wife.

USA Network announced their programming slate for the 2008-09 television season at their annual Upfront presentation in New York City, and we were there to chat with some of the stars, catch a glimpse of the new series and get the scoop on four new and exciting series in development.

Highlights from the Upfront Presentation New This Year on USA

In Plain Sight
Starring: Mary McCormack, Frederick Weller, Lesley Ann Warren, Nichole Hiltz, Paul Ben-Victor, Cristian de la Fuente and Todd Williams.
Premise: Have you ever wondered how people in the witness protection program stay safe? It's no easy task for U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon, who works in a covert branch of the Federal Witness Protection Program. Mary's highly dangerous job must stay a secret to everyone, including her own dysfunctional family. Can Mary keep her witnesses safe and manage her own family without going insane?

The Starter Wife
Miniseries to Series: The Starter Wife aired in the summer of 2007 as a six-episode miniseries. When the overwhelming popularity of The Starter Wife earned several Emmy nominations (and one win), USA decided to bring it back as a regular series. Season One will premiere in October 2008 with 10 new episodes.
Premise: Debra Messing stars as Molly Kagan, the wife of a powerful Hollywood executive who unceremoniously dumps her for a younger model. When Molly is forced to pick up the pieces and start over again, she soon finds that life is a little sweeter when you have the chance to learn from all of those past mistakes.

USA Network's Summer and Fall Premiere Schedule

Sunday, June 8
Law & Order: Criminal Intent - USA Network
In Plain Sight - USA Network

Thursday, July 10
Burn Notice - USA Network

Friday, July 18
Monk - USA Network
Psych - USA Network

The Starter Wife - Date TBA

Programs in Development

Royal Pains: Through the years, summering in the Hamptons has become one of the biggest trends among the rich and famous. After saving the life of a party guest, blackballed medical doctor Hank Lawson is about to unwittingly set a new trend in the Hamptons as a "concierge doctor." Before long, Hank is called to mansion after mansion, eventually becoming the on-call doctor for the rich, famous and infamous.

White Collar: When a con man escapes from a maximum-security prison by literally walking out the front door, he becomes a consultant for the FBI.

Shirleyville: Can you ever really come home again? Dwight returns home to the town of Shirleyville after two tours of duty in Afghanistan. He's the toast of the town and when the Mayor dies, Dwight is quickly sworn in as the town's new Mayor. Will he soon wish he was back in Afghanistan after dealing with small town politics?

The Nanny Files: When a family hires a nanny, her/his primary responsibility is to take care of the children. Widowed police chief Ray Corliss is about to learn that Emma Staley is not your average nanny. Emma's nanny skills are top-notch, but as it turns out, her detective skills aren't too shabby either as she secretly begins solving Ray's cases. How will he react when he discovers that Emma has been solving his cases while caring for his children?
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