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Striking Out: TV Writers Call "Cut"


Striking Out: TV Writers Call
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images
On November 5, 2007, the WGA went on strike. Within weeks, just about all major television shows halted production as they ran out of scrips. More than three months and $1.9 billion later, the strike has ended!

What does this mean for your favorite television series?
There is some good news and there is some bad news -- find out which shows will go back into production and who will be left out in the cold....

The Strike is Almost Over!
The writers strike is truly in the final stages. The WGA East and West held meetings on Saturday to present the tentative deal that was struck with the AMPTP. Get the timeline of how this will play out over the next couple of weeks....

WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative Deal
Early Saturday morning, a draft of the agreement reached between the WGA and AMPTP was delivered via email to the 10,500 members of the WGA....

Writers and Studios Finally Talking
Both parties have begun informal talks to see if it's time to finally resume negotiations.

Green Light for Grammy Awards
The Grammys will go on! Get the scoop on the WGA's decision to not picket the Grammy Awards.

Directors Guild and Studios Reach a Deal
Finally, there's some good news to report on the negotiation front. With another deadline looming in the coming months, the DGA and the major studios weren't about to risk yet another industry-crippling strike. In an effort to be proactive, they decided to begin negotiations on January 12 -- and just days later have reached a deal!

"Force Majeure" Puts Writers and Producers Out in the Cold
When I think of the term, "Act of God," visions of terrible lightning storms, hurricanes, floods and other weather related disasters come to mind. Apparently, the writers' strike is also considered an act of God (a.k.a. force majeure)....

Days of Our Lives & the Writers' Strike
The show is now out of scripts - how are they producing new episodes? The answer is sure to surprise all. Get the scoop on the latest Days of Our Lives strike news as it happens.

Letterman Back with WGA Writers
Worldwide Pants, David Letterman's company, makes historic deal with the WGA, sending his writers back to work....

Writers' Strike Negotiations Suffers Major Setback
Earlier this week, negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP seemed to be inching closer to a resolution as both sides presented offers and counteroffers, but by the end of the day Friday, mudslinging by both parties had begun....

Writers Headed Back to the Negotiation Table
Finally, the WGA and AMPTP are headed back into formal negotiations. Will it be enough to end the strike and get our writers back to work?

After Talk Shows, sitcoms will be the next to fall victim to the writers' strike. Find out how the strike affects the funnier side of TV.

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