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An Interview with Matt Davis (Alaric, 'The Vampire Diaries')


Matt Davis
Photo: Bob Mahoney / The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
May 2010

He may have played the jerk that broke Reese Witherspoon's heart in Legally Blonde, but fans have fallen in love with Matt Davis in his latest role in The Vampire Diaries as history teacher Alaric Saltzman. I had the opportunity to chat with this very funny and charming actor about the show, the cast and what we can expect as the first season winds down....

Q: You came on as a recurring character, are you now a series regular?


Q: Was Alaric a character in the book series?

"I believe so."

Q: Your character was married to a woman who wanted to become a vampire, is it safe to say your marriage was on the rocks?

"Well, I would say not in Alaric's mind. I don't think he would have taken her seriously if she had come to him one day and said she wanted to become a vampire. I think he was obviously naive with what was happening in the relationship."

Q: Does Alric have any family connections to Mystic Falls?


Q: What's ahead for your character?

"He's got an unlikely ally with the Salvatore brothers as they try to secure this mysterious invention before it gets into the hands of the dastardly wicked Uncle John."

Q: Is Isobel as evil as a typical vampire, or does she still have part of her soul intact?

"No soul left at all! She is as wicked a vampire as you can imagine."

Q: Can we expect Isobel and Alaric to be reunited this season?

"I would say the outcome is likely.... yes."

Q: Will you be around next season?

"Assuming that I don't get killed off, yes."

Q: Do you think the show will take on a darker tone next season?

"Yes -- I hope so."

Q: Can you tell us if Katherine will return this season?

"Maybe not this season, I can't really say for sure."

Q: How closely does the show follow the book series?

"That's a great question; I'd probably have to read the book series to answer that. From what I've been told, not that much. I think they probably take some creative licenses, but it takes certain elements from it."

Q: Can we expect your character to turn into a vampire?

"Oh god, I don't know -- that would be pretty cool! I'd have to kill myself though because I'm a vampire hunter."

Q: Was it difficult coming in to an already established cast?

"Actually, it was great great. Everyone was so cool and welcoming; it's such a solid group of very lovely people. They are all super-professional and everyone shows up ready to work and does the best that they can. When we have time to go together to a movie, we do that. We have a very strong bond."

Q: You starred in Legally Blonde, What About Brian and now The Vampire Diaries, which role are you most recognized from these days?

"At this point, it would probably be Legally Blonde still. Everyone seems to respond to that character. No one really knows who the hell I am -- everyone thinks I went to college with them, and then they slowly dial it in and realize, hey you're that a-hole boyfriend from Legally Blonde."

Q: Anything to say to the fans?

"Thank you so much for all of your love and support. Without it, we couldn't do what we love to do, so I thank them with all my heart."
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