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Readers Respond: When did you know it was time to break up with your favorite TV show?

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What do you do when a good show goes bad? Share some tips or telltale signs that the time has come to break up with your favorite TV show.

No Bones about it

I recently broke up with Bones because I realized that the only reason I was still watching was because I expected it to all end soon. The humor had become less funny, and, after all this time, I felt like the story-telling of the events surrounding Bones and Booth finally getting together was just weak. I was still interested in what happened with the characters because I had invested so much time and emotion in them, but I also realized that I was so desperate for meaning that I was willing to have horrible things happen to them, like I actually kind of hoped that Angela and Hodgins' baby would be born blind. The last straw was when they aired a preview for an upcoming episode and the voice-over narrator for the preview made a series of lame, CSI-quality fish jokes.
—Guest JessaBell

Grey's anatomy

I stopped watching Grey's when Derek got shot and I realized I didn't care if he lived or died. He had gotten so arrogant that I couldn't take him anymore. Also, Christine is just a plain old bitch, nothing likeable about her anymore.
—Guest nanny


am boycotting ABC because they don't even complete a full season of shows i begin watching so why bother
—Guest JIM

Lie To Me - that it's still as good

I was crazy into Lie To Me, partly because of the innovative storylines and then there's the actors who were just brilliant. But towards the end of Season 2 the novelty started weaning off and it turned into Tim Roth doing the FBIs job, instead of doing HIS thing. The first 20-25 episodes were good but I completely lost interest in the third season. I couldn't care less if the show never returned.
—Guest Rishi

Agree with breaking up with a network!!!

I totally agree with breaking up with ABC! You get involved with a show that in fact is a good show only to be taken off the air! Dirty, Sexy, Money was one of these shows- still bitter about that one, now it "The Whole Truth", great show only to be destroyed by the powers to be! What a shame! Bad job ABC!
—Guest Kim

When I tried to break up with 24.

I tried to break up with 24. I knew it was time, I had found myself less and less interested in dear Jack's escpades. I even stopped caring who would and would not survive. So I made the decision, probably in Feburary 2010, to bid it a good night. I hadn't removed it from my DVR list, because it's like removing a BF number from your cell phone. But i was way behind on watching and not really interested in catching up. The list of returnin g charcters did little to stoke my fire as well. Kim-She's still alive? Renee-Really? President Logan-With out the Mrs? Boring. Anyways... So Bad story, tired characters, I was ready to withdraw from the relationship. Suddenly Fox and 24 tell me to hang on. This will be ther seris finally! You can't leave someone when they are now planning to leave you. It's only a few more months. Besides it will be a great finish to a great show. So I hung on. and I learned sometimnes you have to leave on your terms, not theirs!
—Guest Marekp

No more emotional resonance

I broke up with Grey's Anatomy this season when I realized that I only cared about two characters. Beyond that, though, all of the "moving, emotional" parts made me either crack up or roll my eyes (or want to fast forward).
—Guest Chelsea

Not ashamed

I have never really been into any tv shows. there were never many that really grabbed my interest, and I could never remember or commit to sitting down at the same time once a week to catch a show. Before Lost came out i remember watching the teaser on ABC and thinking that it looked very interesting but i only caught the first two episodes. a few months ago i signed up for Netflix. (best thing that ever happened to me :D...besides my fiance, of course :O) I started watching Lost on they're website and got hooked, i watched all current seasons 1-5 within about a month and a half and i LOVE it (despite the fact my beloved favorite character Charlie died, and the undeniable fact that it does drag on, much like I xD but it kept me hooked). Now the thing i look forward to most is the airing final season *tear* of Lost, and the only thing i regret about being hooked is that it's going to end. I don't think anything in this guide will help me fully part with it. WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!!!!
—Guest "Lost" without you

The Final Seasons

I agree with the above comments. We can always tell when a show has overstayed its welcome. I am thinking of all my favorites shows that were unbearable the last season, and how embarrassed I felt for the actors, etc. However, I am proud of some shows who were able to make a comeback.
—Guest Sidney

The Long Goodbye

I've been trying to break up with One Tree Hill for 3 yrs (It's always been my guilty pleasure show). I've slowly done the transition by actually missing a full season, but then saw the dvd's on sale -- you know the rest. Well I'm trying it again... This season was ok so far, but reading the spoilers (that's another problem) I've realized I'm so over this crap... It's just not the same guilty pleasure show it was when they were in high school and having really only two characters to watch for (NH) makes the ff button look better and better each episode. I wish the show would ride off into the sunset already, because I'm just not that into it anymore... Though with the birth of Glee, it's getting easier to let go of OTH.. LOL
—Guest littletouchofpretty

Hard to stop watching

I'm into Smallville and Supernatural. Why I don't watch every week is because there isn't any Clois. I thought it would happen but they bought Lana back, I have never liked her, and it stopped making sense for me. Supernatural was so good but they went offbase with this whole Sam drinking demon blood thing. I used to look forward to the episodes until I saw that happen. I might say I won't watch them but I lie. I will catch it on a replay because I don't have dvr.
—Guest Danielle

To complicated

My husband and I quit watching Lost. The story just became ridiculous and far fetched. We also quit watching Grey's Anatomy it just got boring and there are other shows on that we like better like CSI.
—Guest Gloria

Lost to Lost

I quit watching Lost when it just went on and on and on and you never really got any answers without getting ten more questions at the same time.
—Guest Jesseanne

I broke up with "Lost" fast

I was so annoyed when they killed off the fat guy's girlfriend at the end of season 2 that I just quit cold turkey, and have never missed it.

It became obvious the writing was awful

I got hooked on 90210 when it started, but had to stop watching when Adrianna got pregnant and ended up back with Navid over the course of a couple of weeks. It was a small thing, but the writers could have milked that whole "longing" thing much better, and it made me realize that the other story lines were just as badly written. Then there's the acting ...

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