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The End of an Era

Monday December 31, 2012

After thirteen years, I will be leaving About.com. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping you figure out how to best spend your precious viewing time on the small screen through the years. I will continue to be working in the television world, but on the opposite side of the camera. I will also be doing some interviews and other articles from time to time over at Showbizjunkies.com.

Good luck and remember -- even if you're not a Nielsen family, it doesn't mean your viewership doesn't count! Keep DVR'ing, keep writing the networks, stay active in social media and find fellow fans to make viewership more enjoyable. Even though the networks don't always make the best decisions, don't let your fear of cancellation get in the way of trying out a new and exciting drama. Television shows are much smarter these days and the stars attaching themselves to the various series are getting more impressive each season. Use that hour each week to escape from life and get lost in the problems of these imaginary characters for a while.

Here are some final pieces I have written as I sail into the sunset...

An Interview with Keegan Allen (Toby, 'Pretty Little Liars')

Sunday December 30, 2012

Keegan allenOne of my favorite shows on television over the last couple of years has been ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. While yes, I do realize the show is geared towards a much younger demographic, I have always loved a great mystery and TPTB have managed to take a great book series and turned it into one of television's guiltiest pleasures for fans of all ages.

As an avid reader of the Pretty Little Liars book series, I am always curious to see how series creator Marlene King will translate the events of the book into the show. The character of Toby Cavanaugh was killed off very early in the books, but he was so popular among television fans, King decided to keep him around and as we learned months ago, Toby is actually one of the members of the 'A Team' -- a twist nobody saw coming!

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Keegan Allen, who portrays this complicated and intriguing character on Pretty Little Liars, about his role on the hit show, his unusual upbringing and his love of working behind the camera...

Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/ Disney | ABC Television Group

The Best TV Dramas of 2012

Thursday December 20, 2012

The Walking DeadThe entire planet lost power, a new superhero arrived to save the day (and the CW), the zombies continue to walk the earth and the CIA finally nabbed Brody...

Over the last decade, television dramas have become more dynamic and inventive than ever. Gone are the days of mindless television viewing. 2012 has been yet another fantastic year for television fans as new dramas such as The Newsroom, Revolution and Nashville invaded our living rooms and forced our DVRs to work harder than ever to keep up with all the latest episodes.

In addition to the new kids in town, returning dramas The Walking Dead, Homeland and Breaking Bad have continued to keep us glued to the tube as they set the bar higher than ever week after week. It's hard to imagine what 2013 will bring us, but I'd lay odds that thanks to a never-ending supply of extremely talented writers, the best is yet to come...

Which dramas were your favorite this year? Find out which shows we loved the most in 2012 and be sure to post your favorites below.

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Sneak Peek: 'Deception'

Tuesday December 18, 2012

DeceptionIt's got intrigue, romance, power-hungry millionaires, mystery and one very dead heiress -- and we can't wait to dive in head first!

With the absence of Desperate Housewives, primetime television needed a new soap to stir the pot and NBC's Deception may just fill that hole left by those ladies of Wisteria Lane. This winter, NBC and the other networks have several promising new dramas and one at the top of my list is Deception (it better be good if it's taking over Revolution's time slot for the next few months).

The series centers around Joanna Locasto, a NYPD detective who goes deep undercover to expose the truth behind the mysterious death of heiress Vivian Bowers, who happens to have been her childhood friend. Joanna grew up in the Bowers household as the maid's daughter and therefore has the perfect excuse to delve back into her childhood home without rousing suspicion in order to get the goods on what is really going on in the Bowers world. Will her findings put her life in mortal danger?

Can't wait until January to watch the pilot episode? No worries -- NBC is offering fans the chance to watch the entire pilot online at NBC.com. Deception debuts on January 7 on NBC.

Photo by: J.R. Mankoff/NBC

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