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TV Celebrities and Characters


In many cases, it takes just one or two actors to make or break a TV series. Get to know more about the many talented actors who come into our living rooms every week and enhance your television experience.
  1. Celebrity Interviews
  2. Character Profiles
  3. Award Ceremonies

Celebrity Interviews

Mark Salling

Everybody loves celebrities, but I think many people forget that they really are just like you and me. While some celebrities live very public lives, there are many who manage to live quiet and normal existences without the constant barrage of paparazzi. Delve a little deeper into the lives of some of television's hottest stars as we chat with them one-on-one.

Character Profiles

From Jack Bauer to Hurley Reyes, some of the most common household names come from the biggest shows on television. Whether you're a seasoned vet of your favorite show or a newbie looking to get to know more about a show, we've got you covered with these handy character profile from the biggest dramas on television.

Award Ceremonies

From the Emmys to the Golden Globes, our favorite actors and TV dramas are honored all year-long. While we usually don't agree with the nominees (especially the snubs), the awards show are still fun to watch.

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