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'Emily Owens, M.D.' Synopsis and Other Essential Information


'Emily Owens, M.D.' Synopsis and Other Essential Information
Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/The CW. ©2012 The CW Network.


When we graduate high school, one of the very best things about moving on is leaving behind all that drama. Sadly, once we become adults, we realize that the drama never really goes away, especially if you're a first year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital. Emily Barnes had hoped that once she began her internship at the prestigious hospital, her new life, free of drama, would begin. However, when she discovers that both her med school crush and high school nemesis are also in the program, Emily realizes that you never really do leave that drama behind.

Series Premiere:

October 16, 2012

When Is It On?:

Tuesdays at 9pm ET on the CW (check local listings). The latest episodes can be viewed at the CW's official Emily Owens, M.D. website.

'Emily Owens, M.D.' Cast:

  • Mamie Gummer as Emily Owens
  • Justin Hartley as Will Collins
  • Michael Rady as Micah Barnes
  • Aja Naomi King as Cassandra Kopelson
  • Kelly McCreary as Tyra Dupre
  • Necar Zadegan as Dr. Gina Bandari


  • Although the plot revolves around Denver Memorial Hospital, the series is actually filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The University of British Columbia, specifically, the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre is often used for exterior shots.
  • Over the years, the CW has filmed the majority of their dramas in Canada. Some of those series include Arrow, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural to name a few.
  • Michael Rady and Justin Hartley both starred in other CW dramas... Rady in the short-lived CW series Melrose Place and Hartley in the popular Smallville.
  • The series was originally titled First Cut.

About Mamie Gummer (Emily Owens):

When someone asks which actress is the greatest if our time, a few names come to mind and 9 times out of 10, one of those named will be Meryl Streep. Imagine wanting to be an actor and having the opportunity to learn from this incredible woman. Mamie Gummer happens to be the daughter of the Oscar-winning, legendary film actress and clearly, the talent lives on in this rising star. Mamie had a successful stage career (on and off Broadway) before breaking into television and films. Her film credits include The Hoax, Taking Woodstock, Stop-Loss. She also played the same role her mother once played in the films Evening and The House of the Spirits. She starred in the short-lived ABC medical drama Off the Map and had a recurring role in the hit CBS series The Good Wife.

About Justin Hartley (Will Collins):

Most will likely recognize Justin Hartley from his long-running role as Oliver Queen (a.k.a. the Green Arrow), which ran from 2006 through 2011 (72 episodes in all). Hartley got his start in the soap opera Passions, where he would meet his future wife, Lindsay (the two are no longer together). Aside from his success in Smallville, Justin also appeared in CSI: New York, Cold Case, Chuck, Gemini Division and Hart of Dixie. In addition to playing the Green Arrow, Justin also played Aquaman/Arthur Curry in the 2006 pilot Aquaman, which sadly never made it to the United States. His film credits include Red Canyon, Spring Breakdown, A Way With Murder and Scorpio Men on Prozac.

Michael Rady (Micah Barnes):

Michael Rady is relatively new to the acting world, his first role dating back to 2005, where is starred as Kostas in the popular teen movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (as well as the sequel). He starred in the short-lived controversial drama Swingtown. He starred as Jonah Miller in the CW's reboot of Melrose Place and had recurring roles in Greek and The Mentalist.
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