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An Interview with Jim Beaver (Bobby, 'Supernatural')


An Interview with Jim Beaver (Bobby, 'Supernatural')
Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW ©2008 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
September 2008

Most actors have a variety of talents that have helped them survive in the real world by working odd jobs as they try to land that dream role. It's not often that any of us use our many talents to work in a variety of fields. We usually work with the talent that comes the most naturally to us and spend our lives perfecting that skill.

From portraying a demon hunter on the CW drama series Supernatural and Deadwood to writing a biography of the late George Reeves and serving as a historical consultant for the film Hollywoodland, Jim Beaver is easily one of the most versatile men in show business.

I had the opportunity to chat with this soft spoken actor/writer and found him to be incredibly intelligent, funny and down to earth....

Q: When did you begin acting?

"I did a couple of little things in elementary school, with no thought at all to being an actor. I really didn't start until I got out of the service and college. I wanted to be a film historian and in those days, it was hard to find college courses on film history, so I decided on theater classes since those were the closest I could find. That's where the bug hit me and boy did it hit me hard."

Q: Before acting, what was the worst job you ever had?

"That would probably be when I was cleaning out traps in Riff's Burger Barn in Texas. Most of the bad jobs I had were bad because they were deadly dull."

Q: On Supernatural, you play Bobby -- tell us a little about your character....

"Bobby Singer is a demon hunter and he was a friend of John Winchester, who was another hunter. After John's death, he sort of took over as a father figure and mentor to John's two sons Sam and Dean. They work together on occasions, trying to rid the world of creepy, crawly things from the dark side."

Q: Do you know how many episodes you'll appear in this season?

"I do not know how many episodes. They notify me a couple of weeks before they have one for me. I just finished shooting my third episode of the season, which is episode six."

Q: What can you tell us about the upcoming season?

"Well, not a whole lot without getting my hand slapped. There's a new angle with the show and the ongoing storyline in terms of the philosophy of the show. I don't want to spoil anything for anybody."

Q: Do you believe in any of the supernatural elements of the show?

"Not really. I'm always open to being surprised by the universe. The incantations and the occult - it's just something that happens on the TV show I work on as far as I'm concerned. I have spiritual beliefs, but they don't involve demons and crossroads."

Q: Are there any kind of paranormal consultants working with the writers?

"I don't really know, I wouldn't be surprised. I know whenever we have Latin incantations, they've got Dr. Latin to help us say it."

Q: If you could write the final episode of the show, how would you end it?

"Stay tuned next week for the adventures of Bobby Singer! I'm not crazy about final episodes. We're so conditioned to think of stories as having a beginning, middle and end, but in truth, life goes on for everybody. The final episode would suggest there's more to come."

Q: You and Jensen were on Days of Our Lives for a while; did you two ever work together?

"I played the token priest on the show, so basically when someone got married or died, I showed up. There were a lot of wedding ceremonies and funerals that I presided over, so I suspect Jensen was probably part of the cast. They usually have the whole cast show up for those things. I know I never had a scene with him. When I got to Supernatural, I knew who Jensen was, I knew him from Days of Our Lives."
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