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Canceled! A Scorecard of Canceled/Ending TV Series


Canceled! A Scorecard of Canceled/Ending TV Series
Andrew Eccles © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Don't you just hate it when you start to really get involved with a TV show and then...Bam...canceled!

Can a fan campaign really work? It's been known to happen once in a while. Back in 2007, when CBS presented their fall slate during the May Upfront presentations, they announced that Jericho had been canceled. The fans weren't about to let their favorite show go quietly into the night, so they devised a grassroots campaign and flooded the LA and NY CBS offices with 20 tons of nuts. It worked and CBS renewed the series!

However, fan campaigns won't always save a series. The best thing you can do is make sure all your friends and family are watching and if you have Tivo, be sure to record it each and every week. Nielsen now uses Tivo data in reporting to the networks, so every episode counts.

Here is a list of the current season's TV series that have been canceled or come to an end (of their own accord):

2012-13 Season
666 Park Avenue - The series started off with low ratings and never picked up steam. After losing a big part of the set following Hurricane Sandy, it was a natural choice to cut the show loose.

Last Resort - Although the series didn't bomb in the ratings, they were still considered dangerously low and given the cost of production, it may have been a reasonable move on ABC's part to cancel the show - despite how much many of us enjoyed it.

Made in Jersey - Canceled after just 2 episodes due to low ratings... miserably low ratings, especially for CBS!

The Mob Doctor - No big surprise about this cancellation as the show got off to a lousy start and continued to go downhill from there. Fox plans to air all 13 produced episodes.

The CW
Emily Owens, M.D. - After six episodes, the CW canceled the quirky drama due to low ratings (it debuted to only 1.9 million viewers). The network plans to air all 13 produced episodes.

USA Network
Common Law - The summer series never seemed to gain an audience, forcing the network to put an end to the cop buddy drama. Luckily, there was an appropriate ending that didn't leave viewers wondering what would happen next.

2011-12 Season

Charlie's Angels: Canceled due to poor ratings. This series struggled right out of the gate and never managed to pick up from there.

Desperate Housewives: After eight fantastic years, ABC and series creator Marc Cherry opted to end the show before the ratings continued to plunge. Luckily for DH fans, the writers knew before writing had commenced for the last season that this would be the end, so the entire final season has been geared towards one important goal -- giving the fans the closure we all deserve. The final episode is scheduled to air in May, 2012.
GCB - Was it the ratings or the many religious groups hounding ABC about this scandalous drama that was its ultimate downfall? Perhaps a little of both?
Pan Am - The ratings were down right from the start and production halted early - it comes as no surprise that ABC canceled the show. However, I'm hearing that another network may snatch it up due to the success the drama is experiencing in Europe.
The River - Despite its spooky mystery, this drama never caught on with viewers.

The Killing - UPDATE - This series may not be canceled after all, stay tuned for more info! The show killed much of its audience when it failed to reveal Rosie Larsen's murderer at the end of season one. TPTB often forget that viewers can hold a grudge. When will they ever learn?

A Gifted Man - Putting a new series on Friday nights can be tricky, but it usually works out for the best on CBS. Sadly, this medical drama didn't rise to the occasion.

CSI: Miami - After 10 years and hundreds of corny opening lines, CBS finally pulled the plug on what was once a highly successful forensic drama.

Alcatraz - Despite its promising start and outstanding cast, the ratings didn't live up to the hype, forcing Fox to do away with the drama -- I wonder of someone will finally tell us how and why those inmates and guards disappeared!

House: After eight seasons and sinking ratings, the producers of the show (which include series star Hugh Laurie) decided it was time to end the once-successful series. The finale is set to air in May.

Terra Nova: It was the most expensive pilot ever created and yet viewers just never warmed up to the dinosaur drama. Although Fox gave it a fair chance in a great time slot, the expense just didn't warrant a renewal.

The Finder - The show never really stood a chance. Fox didn't promote it like they did with Touch and Alcatraz and then they stuck it on television's toughest night. Why did they even bother?

Chuck: After four seasons of less than stellar ratings (and several fan campaigns that helped save the show each year), NBC decided to bring the show back for one last, shortened season. The entire fifth season was one long goodbye with a very satisfying ending.

Harry's Law - After two seasons, NBC decided to pull the plug on this witty legal drama. If Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates can't keep the viewers coming, NBC doesn't stand a chance with any other major actors in their stable.

Prime Suspect: NBC really wanted to get fans on board with this crime drama, even trying different time slots, but viewers just never warmed up to this series -- in fact, they just simply didn't bother giving it a shot at all.

The Playboy Club: Despite its never-ending promotional push during the summer, fans never bothered to give this series a decent sampling and after three episodes, NBC yanked it from the primetime lineup. Shame -- this series really wasn't bad and showed some promise.

The CW
Ringer - Once the poster girl for the former WB, even Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn't manage to lure in viewers. I wonder how Buffy would have fared in this ratings climate?
The Secret Circle - Although the ratings were less than desirable, I honestly thought the CW would hang on to this show due to its connection with The Vampire Diaries. At least fans can still read the books to find out what was supposed to happen.

ABC Family
The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Although ABC Family gave this series the benefit of a lead-in from their top-rated series Pretty Little Liars, viewer retention rate was alarmingly low and the network canceled the show at the end of its summer run. Rumors are circulating that ABC Family may produce a two-hour movie to complete the series after fans flooded the network with complaints.

Hawthorne: After three seasons, TNT opted to cancel the medical drama after it had continued to plunge in the ratings and failed to reach new viewers.

Men of a Certain Age: Despite its award-winning cast, viewership maintained alarmingly low levels and TPTB could no longer justify the expense of the show.

The Closer: After seven amazing seasons, the producers and TNT decided to end the series while it was still on top. A spinoff titled Major Crimes, starring Mary McDonnell is expected to premiere this summer.

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