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Trivia and Games

Looking for something fun to help pass the time? Whether you just want to have fun or test your trivia knowledge, this is where the fun begins.

24: The Game
Details and spoilers about 24: The Game. Is it worth your hard-earned cash? See what your Guide thinks about this new game for Playstation.

It's All Fun & Games on 24: The Game
Find out what 24: The Game revealed about the event that took place between season two and three.

"24" Trivia Challenge
Which CTU agent was executed in season three of "24"? When did Nina and Sherry die? When did Kim Bauer start working at CTU? Think you have enough knowledge to infiltrate CTU? Take our trivia challenge and see just how well you know Jack.

"Lost" Trivia Quiz
Think you know all the secrets of those "numbers?" Test your "Lost" trivia knowledge and see if you are thinking outside the ....hatch.

"Smallville" Trivia Quiz
Think you know everything that goes on in "Smallville?" Test your trivia knowledge and see how well your superpowers of observation are working.

Trivia Tribute
Challenge yourself or others to one of several difficult quizzes dating back to classic television days.

"Desperate Housewives" Quiz
Which "Housewife" are you? Take the quiz at the official ABC website and find out.

Reward TV
Tons of fun television trivia games are available at Reward TV. Registration is required (free) and you can earn points for prizes.

"Lost" Trivia and Games
Brought to you from ABC's official "Lost" site, test your trivia knowledge. Put together one of four jigsaw puzzles and win a desktop wallpaper or get addicted to 'Mission Survival.'

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